5 Stunning Staircases to Move You Higher

Posted on Aug 14 2017 - 12:02pm by Zoe Eisenberg

Who wants a boring old staircase when you can find a fancy way to climb to bed each night? Below are five of our favorite ways to elevate yourself, moving way past the classic spiral.



These boxy babies reside at Milan's Gray Hotel. Float upstairs in style. If you create these yourself, consider ditching the slant so you can use the boxes as a bookshelf.

Source: Complex.com 



Making the best of a small space? These stairs are for you! Store clothes, books, shoes, or kitchen supplies in these fun pull outs.

Source: Inspirationsweb.com



This one's for those with kids or those who are nurturing their inner child. Located at the Panorama House in Korea, this slide/stairs/bookshelf combo is a must-have addition for any library or play space.

Source: HuhMagazine, Moon Hoon

Space Age


Want to live on a spaceship? Well, you probably can't, but you can choose a spacey staircase. This podular design is uber futuristic.

Source: Pinterest



Art lovers, check it out. These trippy, drippy stairs are the ideal addition to a stand-out space. Functional art you can walk on? Yes, please!

Source: Marvel Building

Which of these staircases would you choose?

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