Agreement Frame Questions

Posted on Sep 9 2021 - 1:41pm by Ed

Generally speaking, questions should measure precisely what to answer. They should be as clear and accessible as possible, especially in places with low levels of education and literacy. Formulations and formulations are therefore essential. "Unilateral" questions invite people to accept or not accept a statement, to support or reject a position, or to express some degree of opinion. With "Forced Choice" questions, the researcher tries to offer balanced alternatives, such as: "Do you prefer the government that makes policy X or should it pursue policy Y?" You will receive not only a 2-hour demonstration as you do not implement the 3 R, but also a lot of disagreements. Lots of examples you can practice with! Our goal is always to look for ways to build and deepen relationships. Disagreeing with people usually has the opposite effect. The framework of the agreement is a way to build a relationship by finding creative ways to agree with people whenever possible. . .