Wix Add License Agreement

Posted on Oct 16 2021 - 7:04am by Ed

These Terms (together with the Additional Terms) constitute the sole and complete agreement between us. Please note that some Wix Services are currently offered in beta and are undergoing beta testing. You understand and agree that some Wix Services will continue to contain software errors, experience disruptions, and may not function as intended or intended. Your use of the Wix Services in this BETA Phase is a sign of your consent to participate in the BETA testing of these Wix Services. Use of the Video Services for your User Platform may require licensing certain MPEG-LA patents (the "License"). It is your sole responsibility to decide whether your business requires a license and to obtain it. License information can be obtained from MPEG LA L.L.C. here. You have (and retain) the authority, title, licenses, consents, and authority to enable the Wix Services to access websites, web pages, and/or other online services for the purpose of importing, copying, displaying, downloading, transmitting, and/or using your User Content. The final step is to add the LicenseAgreementDialogOverwritten extended license dialog box to the installer GUI string. So, of course, this is done under the node.

In addition, certain fonts provided to you as part of the Wix Services are licensed to Wix by a third party and are therefore subject to additional license terms from that provider, which are aggregated and available for your review under www.wix.com/about/mono-terms-of-use. There is a known issue with the rich text control used to display the license file text, which can cause the text to appear blank until the user scrolls down in the control. This is usually due to complex RTF content (for example. B the RTF generated when you save an RTF file in Microsoft Word). . . . .