REALTOR’s Ad Goes Viral Thanks to Laser Beam Eyes

Posted on Jun 10 2016 - 3:37pm by Nick Caruso

REALTOR®. Lawyer. Superwoman.

Patricia Houlihan, a Coldwell Banker agent from Vancouver, Canada, just redefined real estate marketing. In a recent poster ad she created to promote her business, Houlihan proved to the world how she "sees what others miss." The answer is so simple:



"I am sick of boring ads with all REALTORS® saying the same thing, so I wanted something interesting, outside the box and fun...something people would get a laugh out of," Houlihan told CBC News.

Mission: Accomplished, Patricia!

Though the ad was created a few years ago, it's been picking up steam on the Internet, particularly on Reddit, with other users posting their own parody versions of it. Case in point:

Fun Ad

We here at Housecall love Houlihan's originality! Not only is it out of the box, it's not even in the same timezone as the box! Being quirky and different with your marketing can not only help your business locally, but as Houlihan just showed, it may even have the potential to go viral.

I know who I'm calling if I ever want to move to Vancouver.

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