Top 10 Most Desired Home Features

Posted on Jun 4 2018 - 3:54pm by Jameson Doris

home featuresFrom flat-screen TVs to fireplaces, there are many luxuries that make up the dream list of most homeowners today. With Design Your Dream Home,, instead of conducting a simple poll, has taken a more ingenious approach to collecting data in compiling a list of the 10 features homeowners desire most. 

The study, which is in the form of an interactive page, allows users to literally create their own dream home online. Moving from a living room to your fictional master bedroom to a yard, and, lastly, to a kitchen, the page provides 10 features to choose from in each space, of which you can choose one.

"This is the first year that has used the interactive webpage to gauge their consumer's interest in the types of features that they'd like to see in their dream home, as well as in a new-construction home," Cheria Brickhouse, content marketing coordinator at, tells Housecall.

Amenities that you can choose from include exercise equipment, a large tropical fish tank and spa, just to name a few. The interactive page is still live and will continue to collect data, but these are currently the top 10 most desired home features:

  1. Pool
  2. Fireplace
  3. Private balcony
  4. Entertainment center
  5. Walk-in pantry
  6. Ensuite spa
  7. Walk-in closet
  8. Energy-efficient appliances
  9. Bay windows
  10. Guest house

" is still in the process of collecting data, but we're excited to see how the results turn out and if they yield interesting insights there is potential to update the content in the future," Brickhouse adds.

As the company continues to gather insights from these designs, they're updated in real-time to's database. And, while they have not yet made these insights public in their entirety, you still have time to design your own dream home at their interactive page here.

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