Leveraging Video to Stay Front and Center

Posted on Apr 13 2020 - 11:06am by Paige Tepping

Ariana Loucas
RE/MAX Allegiance
Washington, D.C.

Region Served: D.C. Metro Area
Years in Real Estate: 14
Number of Offices: 15
Number of Agents: 300

Why is it so important for agents to use video in their marketing and communications?
Technology is always evolving, and agents need to do the same. While photos speak a thousand words, videos do that and more. At the end of the day, people want to work and buy from people, and video helps your audience get to know you and your personality, as well as your areas of expertise. Video has made it acceptable for people to do their own amateur shoots, negating the belief that you need a TV production studio to create videos that will resonate. As a real estate professional, in order to stay current, we have to be creating videos.

Many real estate professionals know they should use video, but something holds them back. What are your best tips for getting started?
There are many reasons why real estate professionals are hesitant, the most common being that they hate the way they look and/or sound on video. Another sticking point centers around the fact that many are uncomfortable with the technology associated with shooting a video. No matter the reason, my best advice is to set aside some time and begin practicing. Go to YouTube and search for videos that show you how to use the various features on your phone, or walk through your own home and shoot a video to familiarize yourself with the video options available at your fingertips. If you’re not interested in being in front of the camera, you can even narrate a home tour from the background. Investing in a selfie stick with an extendable arm or a table-top tripod may also help you feel more comfortable. Think about setting aside one day a week to shoot a variety of videos that you can keep on file for future needs.

I see that you’ve begun using video on realtor.com®. Is this something you’re doing to get listings, or to pull in buyers?
I work with buyers and sellers, so I’m using videos created through VScreen, which are then posted on realtor.com®, to get listings and pull in buyers. More often than not, I come across individuals who have to sell a home prior to making a purchase, so I try to engage both audiences without limiting one or the other. The whole purpose is to get the phone to ring.

What call-to-action do you use when someone sees your video online?
There needs to be some sort of call-to-action that encourages the consumer to click, and with Local Expert, instead of the default template that simply states that I’m a local market expert, I can change the messaging to encourage people to make an appointment or schedule a tour. I’m also using Market Reach to drive buyer and seller leads.

Your videos are also going out on Facebook and Instagram. Is using realtor.com®’s Market Reach program doing anything more than just advertising with Facebook on your own?
Market Reach allows you to target those looking at real estate in the exact market you serve, regardless of where your potential prospect is currently residing. The fact that realtor.com®’s target audience is meticulously researched enables real estate professionals to always be front and center with local buyers and sellers on social media, in addition to those seriously contemplating a move to the area. Working with realtor.com® ensures that you’re in front of the real estate audience, so you can rest assured that you’re casting your net in the correct ocean.

For more information, please visit realtor.com/sales. 


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  1. Phil B. April 15, 2020 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    COVID-19 aside, video has become more and more important. Here in the NorCal market, we see increased consumer engagement with videos, and the tip above regarding the call-to-action is a great one.

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