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Posted on Sep 18 2021 - 10:18pm by Ed

Across the industry, our colleagues are struggling. Charles Sturt University this week announced plans to cut 160 jobs as part of the first wave of restructuring, which is expected to result in hundreds of further job cuts. The University of Wollongong also left the negotiations after failing to reach an agreement with the NTEU and now plans to cut 350 jobs over the next 12 months. These are results that we do not want to replicate at Southern Cross. In July 2020, the team and Sichuan University Science and Technology Park Development Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on the incubation platform entry platform. Entrance to Sichuan Pioneer University Park can offer us favorable conditions such as venue guarantee, works council, market promotion, business agency and political implementation. The university`s company contract is a collective agreement negotiated with the staff unions, accepted by the university`s employees and ratified by the Fair Work Commission. We have received correspondence from the Vice-Chancellor who guarantees the payment of the salary increase for 2022, which is outside the nominal course of the current company agreement. Click here to read the VC`s letter here After weeks of difficult negotiations with Southern Cross, CPSU NSW has agreed with the university on a package that we believe is prudent and necessary to reconcile the employment interests of all employees with the urgent need to act and support the financial sustainability of our university. For more information about the agreement, please contact hr@scu.edu.au. We acknowledge that our colleagues at NTEU do not support our agreement with SCU. We believe that their position is poorly considered and, ultimately, will lead to unnecessary additional job losses.

For more information, visit the MyHR website. In approving the changes proposed above, we are confident that Southern Cross will not adopt the NTEU`s national framework – which will require the university to cede financial control to an external "expert panel" – and will respond with stricter cost-cutting measures than the economies negotiated with us. We also believe that the measures contained under the NTEU, including 15% wage cuts, would be unacceptable to Southern Cross employees. University pension contributions for casual employees are paid in accordance with the University Enterprise Agreement and the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992. The choice of pension contribution fund is not available. The university will contribute on your behalf to UniSuper at the required guarantee rate. The working conditions of most university employees are governed by their contract and the university`s company agreement. The current SCU Enterprise Agreement 2018 can be found at: Staff contact lists are obtained by CPSU NSW via publicly available sources. To unsubscribe, contact the *protected email* As a casual academic employee, you may be required to work at any time every day of the week according to the university`s schedules. If your role involves contact with students, contact requirements and allotted hours will be negotiated as part of your contract. Conditions For your employment relationship, your contract and the current company agreement of the university are based on your contract. There are several ways for you to access information about developments and activities within the university community: discuss your needs with your tutor and, if you need additional information, turn to yourself: The university also has a series of policies and procedures used under the Company Agreement Where employment is governed by other industrial instruments, may derogate from wage agreements.

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