French Bulldog Purchase Agreement

Posted on Sep 21 2021 - 11:40am by Ed

Buyer understands and is aware that NO REASON OTHER THAN THAT MENTIONED IN THIS AGREEMENT IS GRANTED. _______ before leaving the seller (Over The Top French Bulldogs, Inc.). If it is established that the puppy sold has a life-threatening congenital defect within six months of the date of birth, the puppy may be replaced by a puppy of equal value if there is a written and conclusive diagnosis containing the congenital defect and a description of the puppy concerned by two different veterinarians. This replacement can only be made once per customer purchase. If for any reason the buyer changes his mind about the purchase of the puppy or is no longer able to care for the puppy at any time, the buyer will not be refunded. However, please contact the breeder for help in finding a new suitable home for the puppy. Remember that the puppy is a baby and needs proper care, education and discipline as he grows up. Look for training classes or local clubs to teach your puppy how to be a good canine citizen. The buyer has a (gender) ______ The buyer must inform the seller of the results of the veterinary examination by phone or email within 24 hours of the veterinary inspection. If the seller is contacted by phone, a written statement from the seller on the results is also requested and the seller must receive a written statement by mail within 5 days of the phone call. If this is not the case within the period indicated, this contract is cancelled.

If the puppy concerned is owned by the buyer, he has the option to buy another puppy with a credit of 1/2 of his initial purchase price for another puppy of the same value....