Pacific Islands Countries Trade Agreement

Posted on Apr 11 2021 - 5:04am by Ed

The agreement is open to the other 12 ACP-Pacific countries. The MSG trade agreement was put in place to promote and accelerate economic development through trade relations and to create a policy framework for periodic consultations and revisions of the status of the agreement, to ensure that trade, both in terms of exports and imports, takes place in a true spirit of Melanesian solidarity and on the basis of the most favoured nation (MFN). Negotiations are held regularly between the heads of state and government of the member states to review the progress and progress of the agreement. The EU`s trade relations with the Pacific countries (Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Samoa) are defined by an economic partnership agreement. The secretariat of the Pacific Islands Forum was first established in 1972 as the Trade Office and later became the South Pacific Bureau for Economic Co-operation (SPEC). The name "South Pacific Forum Secretariat" was approved by member state governments in 1988 and was amended in 2000 for the secretariat of the Pacific Islands Forum. In 2009, forum leaders agreed that negotiations on PACER Plus would begin immediately and welcomed the decision of trade ministers to establish the Chief Trade Officer`s Office (OCTA) to support FICs in PACER Plus business. The Forum`s trade ministers met in October 2009 and agreed that members would focus on holding meetings on PACER Plus issues at the official level. Among the common priority themes that deserve to be addressed are not limited to the rules of origin; Regional labour mobility (beyond mode 4); development assistance focused on the physical infrastructure of trade, business development and promotion; facilitate trade, including health and plant health measures, technical barriers to trade, standards and customs procedures. Members also identified the following topics of discussion: services, including health, education, telecommunications, shipping and aviation; Investments Economic cooperation; environment, including renewable energy.

To date, four MEETINGs of PACER Plus officials have been held. Two dialogues on non-state actors (NSA) in collaboration with the As pacer Plus took place on the sidelines of the PACER Plus meeting. The first dialogue took place in the Solomon Islands in October 2010 and the second NSA dialogue took place in Australia in March 2012.