Prince Rupert Grain Collective Agreement

Posted on Apr 11 2021 - 10:48am by Ed

3. The collective agreement, as amended by this Act, is effective and binding for the parties for the period during which the contract is renewed, regardless of Section 1 of Part V of the Canadian Labour Code or the agreement, for the parties for whom the contract is renewed and 8 If the arbitrator has ruled on all matters that will be referred to the arbitrator in accordance with paragraph 7 paragraph 1. The collective agreement is deemed amended by concluding the arbitrator`s decision and other amendments that were agreed upon by the parties prior to that decision. The collective agreement refers to the collective agreement between employers and unions, which expired on December 31, 1983; (Convention) Members of ILWU Canada Local 522 in Prince Rupert were scheduled to begin a strike against SGS on November 4 to conclude an initial collective agreement with the employer. A strike would have meant a complete stoppage of work with respect to the collection of grain samples from every plant in Prince Rupert that processes grain. Legislation reversing grain handling in the Port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia 6 During the duration of the collective agreement, extended by subsection 5, paragraph 1, paragraph 1 of the note:Resuming Grain Assistance Operations 5 (1) The duration of the agreement is extended from January 1, 1984 to December 31. , 1989.b) the agreement, as amended, is considered, for the purposes of an Act of Parliament, to be an agreement between the employer and each of its workers on all matters related to their employment. (a) immediately inform workers, upon the coming into force of this Legislation, that grain assistance activity must resume immediately, as part of this entry into force, at the Ridley Island grain terminal in the Port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, and that, if necessary, workers will immediately resume operations; This morning, we were informed that an interim agreement had been reached and the union cancelled any action.