Severance Agreement Return Of Property

Posted on Oct 7 2021 - 9:38am by Ed

This document assumes that there is no separate agreement between the company and the employee regarding separation, severance pay or other termination benefits. You should contact a lawyer to find out if there is such an agreement. To protect the business, it is important to ensure that the employee does not retain corporate ownership or proprietary information and that any real estate that should be returned is identified. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the separation of the Employee from the Employment Relationship and the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements, understandings, assurances and warranties between the Parties, except in Section [9] of this Agreement. The Parties understand and continue to agree that this Agreement may only be modified or modified by a written agreement duly signed and executed by both Parties. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE EMPLOYEE CONSULT A LAWYER BEFORE SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT. THE EMPLOYEE ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT THE EMPLOYEE HAS READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE BINDING LEGAL EFFECT OF THE AGREEMENT. THE EMPLOYEE ALSO ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT THE EMPLOYEE HAD A REASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME TO CONSIDER ALL CONDITIONS AND PROVISIONS AND THAT THE EMPLOYEE WAS GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO ASK QUESTIONS AND CONSULT WITH COUNSEL AT THE EMPLOYEE`S OPTION PRIOR TO SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT. THE COLLABORATOR ALSO ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE EMPLOYEE FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNS THIS AGREEMENT AND THAT THE EMPLOYEE`S SIGNATURE BELOW IS AN AGREEMENT TO RESOLVE ALL CLAIMS THAT THE EMPLOYEE HAS OR MAY HAVE AGAINST THE COMPANY AND DECLASSIFICATIONS, UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVIDED IN THE AGREEMENT. It is a good idea to refer to existing agreements and remind employees of ongoing obligations. Perhaps you would like to speak to an employment law expert to discuss whether you should refer to certain provisions of these agreements.

If not covered by existing agreements, new restrictive provisions, such as confidentiality and non-competition, could also be added. They must determine the necessary payment in accordance with the company`s guidelines, the employment contract and the legislation in force. In certain circumstances, 45 days must be allowed for the review of the agreement. The employment counsellor should be consulted to determine the time required. The employee promises and agrees that he may not at any time make, publish or communicate to a natural or legal person or to a public forum defamatory or derogatory remarks, comments or statements concerning the company, its companies or any of its employees or senior managers. . . .