Termination Of Maintenance Agreement

Posted on Apr 13 2021 - 1:05am by Ed

(a) responsibility for local taxes and, in particular, changes to local taxes; b) responsibility for obtaining licences/authorizations; (c) changes in legislation (if any, the operator should be required to take into account all laws that are known to come into force or that will be communicated to the operator before the contract comes into force)? (a) the volume of operations and maintenance services; (b) the extent of the Authority`s obligations; (c) performance standards to be achieved; (d) all liability limitations; (e) the amount of damages liquidated; and (f) incentive mechanisms? The volume of services that the operator must provide during the duration of the contract depends on the nature of the facilities operated. However, as a general rule, the services to be provided fall under one or more of the following categories: 1) the operating obligations of the facilities, including connections with all host providers and customers. 2. Maintenance and repair obligations. 3. Control of annexes. 4. Staff and training obligations. 5. Reporting obligations and record-keeping. It is also useful to include a broader provision in the scope of the operator`s services that the operator provides the other services reasonably necessary to ensure the safety, efficiency and economy of the facilities.

(1) Should assets be returned to a specified condition in the event of termination? (2) What happens to workers? 3. Should the operator cooperate with the successor for a specified period of time? 1. Contracting parties must verify whether they are transferring or authorizing part of the contract to a third party and, if permitted, whether conditions apply to the assignee`s position and the place of registration of the assignee. Can the agreement be freely ceded by the Authority? 2. If not, is it at least given as collateral to the lenders concerned? 3. Does the transfer of the agreement by the operator depend on the agreement of the Authority? Article 10 Maintenance 10.1 Counter Party is entitled to annual updates and licenses required for Optimizers software and associated users.