Usda Equal Opportunity Agreement

Posted on Apr 14 2021 - 1:10am by Ed

USDA is a provider of equal opportunities, employers and lenders. None of the means made available by this law or by any other law can be used to conclude a contract, a Memorandum of Understanding or a cooperation agreement with a contract, agreement or loan guarantee: any entity with an unpaid federal tax debt, for which all judicial and administrative remedies are exhausted or extinguished and are not paid in a timely manner on the basis of an agreement with the competent authority for the collection of the tax debt when the awarding entity is aware of the unpaid tax debt, unless a federal authority has considered the suspension or stripping of the corporation and has found that this measure is not necessary to protect the interests of the government. The purpose of this notice is to apply for loan and grant applications for the 2021 loan and grants under the Rural Economic Development Program (REDLG), in accordance with the availability of financial resources. This notice is issued to give applicants sufficient time to use the funding, prepare and submit their applications and give the Agency time to process applications within GJ 2021. Successful applications are selected by the Funding Agency and are then awarded to the extent that the funds can finally be made available by means. A communication on the website shows the amount of funds received. All applicants are responsible for all costs associated with the development of their applications. Cindy Mason at (202) 690-1433, or David Chestnut at (202) 692-5233,, Program Management Division, Business Programs, Rural Business Cooperative Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Stop 3226, Room 4202-South, Washington, DC 20250-3226, or call (202) 720-1400. For more information on this communication, please contact the USDA Rural Development State Office in the state where the applicant`s seat is located. A list of contacts from the National Rural Development Office is available on the following link: