5 Tips for When It’s Time to Remodel

Posted on Dec 27 2022 - 11:00am by Paige Brown

By Hannah Whittenly 

If you're considering a remodel but need to know where to start, the first step is determining what needs fixing. This can be tricky when you need to become an expert. But before you call in an expensive contractor, take a realistic look at your situation and the pros and cons of your options. The remodel will be easier if you can see what needs to be changed or fixed and know the options available to fulfill that need. Here are 5 tips for when it's time to remodel:

Define Your Needs
When considering a remodel, first determine what needs fixing or adding. If you have something that isn't working right, like a leaky roof or broken tile floor, fix it before you start an extensive remodel that could be used elsewhere in the house. Get the help of an expert who can tell you how much it would cost to repair the problem now versus after a total remodeling of your home. Remodeling your home is an expensive venture. Certain improvements are not worth the investment. Keep your eye on what you need to make a more informed decision about a remodel.

Plan for the Future
Before starting a remodel, consider how you want to live in your home five or ten years from now. How will your furniture and appliances fit into the new design? Will your dining room table fit into the new kitchen? It can be helpful to sketch out a plan for how you want everything positioned in your home so that you have an idea of what the house will look like at the end of construction. This can help minimize future changes and save money in the long run.

Get Estimates
The easiest way to ensure you're getting a good deal and that the contractors you hire are reliable is to get competitive estimates from two or three contractors that do quality work and are close to your home. Don't just look at the bottom line cost; make sure all estimates include the same materials and finishes so that you can compare apples to apples.

Compare Bids
Before choosing a contractor, compare the different bids made available to you. Look for contractors with a history of good work and references from satisfied customers. You want to hire someone who is reputable and reliable and will do a good job on your remodel at an affordable price.

Consider What's Important to You
During your remodel, you'll have to make many decisions affecting the final product. You may have to choose between a contractor who charges less but takes longer to complete the job and one who charges more but finishes in a shorter amount of time. You might also be asked to choose different materials for the countertops or cabinets, paint colors for the walls, or tiles for the floors.

If you want a remodeled house that fits your needs and budget, start by defining what needs fixing. Look at all the options and choose the best plan for your home, then compare estimates to get an idea of the total cost. In the end, make sure that you choose a contractor who does quality work and is reputable and reliable so that you can trust them to do a good job on your home remodel.

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