Two Problems, One Solution: Boosting Agent Adoption and Communication

Posted on Feb 16 2017 - 1:45pm by Suzanne De Vita

webinarIt's happened to every real estate broker.

You're sold on a new product, eager to present it to your agents as a must-have tool in their arsenals. You offer to subsidize the cost. You provide comprehensive training. You send email after email communicating its value. You say to yourself: How could they not use this?

The adoption rate says otherwise.

RISMedia's recent webinar, "Solve the Two Biggest Problems Your Brokerage Faces," addressed that problem by showcasing a solution: the Clareity DASH! platform for brokers. The webinar, sponsored by Clareity, was moderated by Terri Murphy, president of Terri Murphy Communications, CIO of U.S. Learning and coach with Workman Success Systems, and featured Clareity users Anthony Azar, of Keller Williams Southern Arizona, and Bart Patterson, of RE/MAX Classic in Michigan.

The webinar revealed one harsh truth: Retaining emails from a broker, or even passwords for all of the platforms the broker offers, is simply not high on an agent's priority list. What is critical is their use of their MLS. The platform is an extension of Clareity's existing MLS dashboard, meeting agents where they'll be on a consistent basis with all of their broker's offerings, accessible by one login.

"[Agents] don't like change," explained Patterson. "Things have to be very simple. The more simple it is, and the least amount of change there is from what they're used to, the better. This brings all of our systems to the forefront, keeping everything top-of-mind, all of our services, our value proposition, constantly, day after day, right there in the tool that they use the most: the MLS."

The dashboard corrals broker-endorsed affiliates and vendors, such as mortgage and title companies; content, such as news feeds and videos; notifications, such as meetings or workshops; and products, such as RISMedia's ACE, in the same environment the agents go to access their MLS, with a valuable differentiation: analytics.

"Knowing how many of your agents are actually logging into the dashboard—and who is clicking on what—helps you make better business decisions as to what applications you should continue to offer and what applications might not be necessarily working for your office," noted Lauren Hill, Clareity senior account executive.

Another win: the ability for brokers to customize what they communicate to their agents.

"The content that's coming up on the screen in front of them is content that is literally customized to the agent that logs into the screen," Azar told attendees. "That really shows the agent right away that we care, and that we get it—that we understand where they live and how they make money."

The dashboard is also an effective recruitment and retention tool, demonstrating a broker's value proposition in one simple, but powerful visual.

With a simple cost structure—and the option to offset it through advertising partnerships with ancillary companies—Clareity's DASH! for brokers is a smart investment in better adoption and better communication. Learn more about it in the recording below:

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