Webinar Recap: Simple Steps to Multiply Your Real Estate Business

Posted on May 23 2018 - 3:37pm by Jameson Doris

multiply businessHow will you increase your business in 2018?

The focus in the latest RISMedia webinar, "8 Simple Steps to 10 Times the Business," moderated by Cleve Gaddis, coach with Workman Success Systems, and sponsored by Homes.com, was capitalizing on the resources you have at your disposal and putting a step-by-step strategy in place to multiply your business.

Featured speakers included Samantha Knoerr, chief operations officer of the Christy Buck Team with Infinity Real Estate Group in Texas, and Joel Roberts of the Joel Roberts Team with Keller Williams First Atlanta Realty, as well as Tim Rabara, sales manager at Homes.com.

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"It's mastering the basics that makes all the difference when upping your business," said Gaddis.

"The key to building our business plan is identifying our mission statement and all of our agents' strengths and weaknesses," Knoerr noted.

Here are several of the steps that were touched upon during the webinar:

Grow Your Team
We're continuing to see an increase in the popularity of real estate teams, and in some areas, most transactions are initiated by a team member. As such, growing a team is an obvious choice for multiplying your business and having more of an influence in your community. An added benefit is more time on your hands to focus on generating leads for yourself and your agents.

"I stopped trusting that my agents are going to lead-generate and convert business like I convert business," said Roberts. "Instead, I have them concentrate on concierge service for their clients."

Hire a Virtual Assistant
Going along with the idea of clearing up time so that you can focus more of your energy on generating leads, and, in turn, business, the panelists discussed hiring a virtual assistant. Of course, this pertains more to brokers or agents dealing with high volumes of transactions, but a virtual assistant can be a major aide to any real estate professional.

There are a wide variety of different tasks and price points you can hire a virtual assistant for. This is a big plus, as you can dictate what you need done and decide on a reasonable cost for yourself and your business.

"The first thing I did when I got a virtual assistant was have them set up my calendar," said Knoerr. "It's gotten to the point now where I just check Dropbox, put the address into Google Maps and show up."

multiply business

Set Goals and Follow Up
After putting your business plan in place, so much of following up with it and maintaining a competitive approach has to do with your mindset. You can't successfully attain 10 times the business you're currently producing without a positive attitude and making the decision every day to rely on and set high goals for your team members.

"I was running myself ragged trying to close all these deals on my own," said Roberts. "Last year, we closed 170 transactions just under $2 million GCI...this year, the goal is 200 transactions and $2.2 million CGI."

To learn more and hear the rest of the steps you can take to multiply your business, check out the webinar in the recording below:

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