How to Prepare Your AC Unit For The Winter Months

Posted on Nov 28 2022 - 10:30am by Paige Brown

By Rachelle Wilber 

As winter approaches, you’ll want to get your home’s air conditioner prepared for the cold season. Even though you likely won’t be turning on your AC anytime during the winter, it’s still important that you perform certain tasks to help ensure that your unit remains up to standard so that it will be ready to use again when the warmer weather returns.

Shut Off Power to the Unit
Even though your air conditioner will be set to the off mode, you should still make sure that no power is being supplied to your unit. If your unit is still able to receive power, your AC might turn on automatically if you have an unusually warm winter day, and this could waste energy along with your hard-earned money. The switch to shut off power to the unit is usually red and may be located either inside or outside of your home.

Remove Dirt and Debris
Your AC unit has likely accumulated a lot of dirt and debris throughout the year and giving your unit a good cleaning can preserve it better. Cleaning brushes can be used to remove much of the dirt and debris from areas that are accessible. A commercial cleaning solution or a mixture of water and mild detergent often works well for cleaning AC coils.

Hire Maintenance Professionals
AC maintenance professionals, such as those from STA SO COOL HVAC, or another company in your area can do the repairs and upgrades that are necessary to ensure that your air conditioner will last through the winter and be ready to use during the warmer months. These professionals can inspect your system for any problems and perform other tasks like adding coolant, replacing filters, and replacing any damaged parts.

Cover the Unit
No matter if you have a window or central AC system, any portions of your unit that are exposed to outdoor elements should be kept covered during the winter. A reliable cover can keep your unit cleaner and prevent damages that are often caused by freezing weather and other outdoor elements. You can choose from different AC unit covers that are made with insulation materials and fit your type of air conditioner.

Even though the hot season may be over, you shouldn’t forget to give your air conditioner the care that it needs to still function when you need it again. Experienced AC contractors can assist you with any preparation work and offer additional services that may benefit your unit when the weather turns chilly.

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