Webinar Recap: Lessons in Leadership with Dermot Buffini

Posted on May 26 2022 - 11:30am by Paige Brown

By Joey Macari

In the latest RISMedia webinar—“ Lessons in Leadership with Dermot Buffini”—panelists Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini & Company; Chris Trapani, Co-Founder & CEO of Christie's International Real Estate Sereno, gives insight into effective business leadership, having a personalized but practical vision and fostering a company culture that serves others with love.

The webinar was sponsored by Buffini & Company and moderated by John Featherston, CEO, president and founder of RISMedia.

Key takeaways:
Panelists offered some top tips on how to establish personal relationships within and outside your brokerage and how to make making meaning, not just money:

  • Trapani’s 5 Key Steps To Success: 
    • Asking others for help is not a sign of weakness
    • Earning respect is more important than being liked
    • Acknowledging that there are others smarter than you that you can learn from
    • Asking yourself if it’s really important for you to be driving yourself crazy about details if no one else is
    • If and when you realize success, not falling into the trap that you did it all on your own
  • Weeding out toxic employees/clients who don’t align with your company culture.
  • Learning by doing, knowing your intentions and borrowing things from others that resonate with you. 
  • The difference between good and bad ego. Heeding ego for positive self-belief, humbling yourself and opening yourself up to new and better ideas among your team. 

Here’s what our esteemed panelists had to say:

  • “Being a leader is really serving others with love. When you talk about soul and love, those are things that people in business don’t necessarily think about. Tech has done a great deal to help us communicate and leverage things in business, but it hasn’t changed the uniquely personal, relational part of the business. Every one of our agents is establishing and developing a uniquely personal relationship with every single client. Some of the fundamentals may be the same, but the stories and the emotions are different in every single situation, and you need to be able to adapt to that. We need to be by their side, in the trenches, whatever variables come—we need to go through this stuff together. As a brokerage, there’s a great deal of synergy and momentum when you cultivate a culture like that.” -Chris Trapani, Co-Founder & CEO of Christie's International Real Estate Sereno
  • “Read your own book first. The best book you can read is your past, your gifts, learning about yourself, opening yourself up to others and allowing them to speak into your book. Learning about the movies you like, the books you read, the people you like, will help you form your leadership style, your leadership gifts and your weaknesses, and will allow you to let people in.” -Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini & Company

For more information on how to lead with love and access the full potential of your leadership gifts, check out the full webinar here

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Joey Macari is RISMedia’s associate editor. Email her your story ideas at jmacari@rismedia.com.

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