How Much Would Your Favorite TV Homes Cost in Real Life?

Posted on May 18 2015 - 10:00am by Nick Caruso

From Roseanne Conner's home in the fictional Lanford, Ill. to the Dunphy's gorgeous space in West Los Angeles, Calif., it's fun to imagine what the real-life homes of our favorite families from television history would've cost. (There's no question Phil Dunphy found himself a great deal - he is a REALTOR® after all!)

To estimate the cost of these screen-famous homes, Trulia examined the median value of similarly-sized homes in each TV family's neighborhood, city or ZIP code, and shared their findings and fun facts in this handy infographic. (Aside: Where a show is set isn't always the filming location...but just go with it!)

Whether these homes actually exist or just survive in the land of TV nostalgia, let's pretend that our favorite characters are somehow real and living in a parallel universe as we compare the costs of housing in their various markets.

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