Housecreep: A Website Where Stigmatized Properties Run Amok

Posted on Oct 27 2016 - 2:33pm by Nick Caruso
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On the top of the homepage for, we learn that "housecreep" is a verb meaning: to research and expose homes with secrets, criminal histories and unexplained mysteries. (Thus, housecreep is our new favorite real estate site.)

Housecreep is where some of the darker aspects of real estate come to life. Their tagline: "Where walls talk - murder houses, grow ops, sketchy apartments, haunted houses and other stigmatized properties exposed."

In short, it really speaks to my macabre, horror movie-loving psyche.

Right up front, the site gives you a couple links to check out, such as Murder Houses Near Me, Haunted Houses Near Me, Drug Lab Busts Near Me and Famous Homes Near Me. Alternately, brave souls can enter an address and see what creeps up for you. (I tried out my home address and got no results. While part of me wanted to dig up some gory dirt, this is probably a very good, comforting, anxiety-free conclusion.)

While searching a la carte can be a scream, users can also feast upon their features, which group like houses together for your perusal. Here are a few of our faves:

3 Homes that Could've Been Featured in 'Breaking Bad'

3 Homes Where Infamous Killers Lived

3 Homes With Unexpected Discoveries

5 Homes You Wouldn't Want to Visit on Halloween

Though horror nerds and true crime fans might want a little more information than is provided, you can always go digging for more info yourself or click one of the provided links to learn more (like I did when I learned about a missing woman whose body was found after 28 years...inside a false wall of her own home!)

Spooky, scary!

With a more expanded database (tell me where the closest murderer lives, dangit!) and some more original content, housecreep could certainly slay. Despite its drawbacks, you definitely can't beat the concept.