An Entire Tuscan Village is Now For Sale

Posted on Mar 22 2016 - 4:39pm by Nick Caruso
italian village

Photo Credit: Giulio Gostoli

Buying an entire village seems like a pipe dream, not unlike us common-folk dreaming of space exploration or winning an Oscar one day. Add to the fact that this village currently for sale is in Tuscany and it starts to sound like the beginnings of a Kate Hudson rom-com or an Out of Africa sequel. (Out of Tuscany? Stranger things have happened.)

Poggio Santa Cecilia was abandoned in the 1960s, with many inhabitants leaving furniture, curtains, kitchenware, and more behind when they fled. It's currently under private ownership, but has recently hit the market for $44.6 million, which includes a 75,000 square foot villa from the 18th century that would even make Michelangelo jealous!

The current owners (a group of Italian investors) are selling the property because they're now too old to maintain it. They hope to see a new buyer jump-start the village's agricultural business and remain firm about wanting the entire site to be sold as one lot.

Poggio Santa Cecilia is located 25 minutes from the city of Siena. The village sits on a hilltop surrounded by verdant woodlands and dates itself to the 1100s, while many of the buildings are from the 16th century (and in need of dire restoration). In addition to the aforementioned villa, the owners will also acquire remains from its medieval castle, streets of workers' houses and piazzas, a church with a bell tower, partially restored stables, an olive mill and workshops, and underground cellars, most likely for storing and aging wine.

Despite the allure of owning a part of European history, it's estimated that its new owners will likely need about $224 million for restoration efforts. Guess we'll keep dreaming...

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