House From Robert Mitchum Movie Up For Rent In Boston

Posted on Jun 29 2023 - 11:30am by Paige Brown, Managing Editor
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By Devin Meenan

Bostonians, take heed, you can live in the same house as Robert Mitchum – or at least one of his characters. “The Friends of Eddie Coyle,” a 1973 film directed by Peter Yates, starred Mitchum as an over-the-hill gangster. Adapted from a 1970 novel by George V. Higgins, “Eddie Coyle” had its 50th anniversary this past Monday, June 26. Shot on-site in Boston, the film is famous for incorporating real locations in the city. One of those is Coyle’s home, located in the neighborhood of Quincy. That house is still there decades later and, as reports, is soon to be on the market. 

Source: Zillow

The house is located on 236 Fayette Street in Quincy, Massachusetts (02170); it is divided into two apartments, the other half labeled as 238 Fayette Street. This accounts for the parallel stone walkways out front. According to Zillow, the rental property stretches 1000 square feet with 2 beds and 1 bathroom. The rear of the property includes features such as a deck (painted red in contrast to the house’s white) and a backyard. 

The property will go on the market on July 15, 2023 for a $2300 a month rental rate, which includes water and sewage services. This is slightly below the market average rental cost of $2613 in Quincy. Applicants (who must have “good credit and steady income”) must also pay one month’s rent up front, a security deposit, and a broker’s fee.

When the film was made, the average rent in Massachusetts was about $117 ($902 adjusted for inflation). Likewise, the current rental rate of $2300 would be about $335.00 in 1973 money.

Asked for comment by, property manager Billy Chen revealed he was unaware of the property’s role in film history. “I’m not too familiar with American culture. It’s a normal house. Two beds. Very simple house. Nothing special.”

Sometimes, what makes a house special is the history that it’s home to.

Devin Meenan is an associate editor for RISMedia.