Business Security Systems: How Best to Protect Your Business

Posted on Oct 3 2018 - 4:13pm by Housecall

ggBy Daniel Defendi

Business security systems cover a range of options for business owners to protect and secure their properties from burglary and theft.

Every business—brokerages included—can improve its security, whether it’s upgrading locks or installing a modern business security system. Here are some tips on what brokers can do to help protect their premises:


Proper locks on your property can make the difference between a business that will be targeted and one that is protected. Deadbolt locks are one of the best upgrades for a business to help prevent unauthorized entry. While regular door locks can be forced, deadbolts put a solid bar in place which requires key entry to lift.

Quality locks for windows, gates and garages can also help to prevent burglars from slipping into your business through vulnerable areas. If your business property is old, some of its locks may be easier to pick or break, due to wear and tear, as well as being outdated models. Repairing or replacing old locks can help to improve your business’ security before it’s too late.

Alarm Systems

Business alarm systems use passive infrared sensors which can detect movement and will set off a loud siren when activated. They can also be programmed to ring you or others when activated, as well as send an SMS or notification to your phone.

Alarm systems can discourage burglars from attempting to enter your building and when activated the associated noise will generally encourage them to leave. Security companies also offer the ability to monitor your alarm system and send a team to investigate immediately following an alarm.


Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are video camera systems which allow business owners to monitor their property. Modern CCTV systems can record in high quality, increasing the risk for burglars of identification and prosecution.

Installing video cameras can discourage burglars, as they won’t know whether the cameras are being monitored or not. Business owners can choose to employ staff to monitor cameras directly, allowing them to instantly detect and stop burglaries, or simply use them as a means of deterrence.

Modern applications can also allow authorized members of a business to view a live feed of the cameras from their mobile phone for convenience and peace of mind.

Fencing and Gates

Installing perimeter fencing can be the first line of defense for protecting a business. However, it’s important that fences are not climbable. Barbed wire, pointed tips and electric fences are other options which can improve protection. Electric fences in particular will prevent burglars from being able to climb or cut holes in the fence.

Video intercom screening at gates can add an extra layer of security to business properties with fences. These systems work by allowing business to see and communicate with visitors via a video feed and then remotely unlocking the gate electronically to allow access.

Registered Key Systems

Registered keys are uniquely designed by a commercial locksmith and can only be acquired or copied by the same locksmith who designed the key system. This reduces the availability of the key to only authorized personnel.

Standard keys can be lost or copied, but registered keys are exact designs which are patented by manufacturers and which can’t be reproduced. Each registered key has its own unique issue and system number, which is logged and registered by your locksmith to ensure total security.

Implementing a registered key system keeps the number of keys in circulation to a minimum and makes sure each key is accounted for. They can also be used to help a business section off areas to only authorized staff members.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry can provide authorized entry to your business through a variety of secure methods, such as a PIN entry code, password or physical key card. This can help to streamline entry and exit of your business while maintaining secure and authorized access. It also reduces many of the problems associated with traditional keys including:

  • Possibility of keys being copied
  • Keys being lost or stolen
  • Having to cut keys for new employees
  • Keeping track if an employee has kept a key

Keyless locks can easily have their password or PIN changed, meaning that updating your security following a change of circumstance can be quick and effective. This can also cut costs, negating the need to change your locks if a key goes missing.

Commercial Safes

Businesses can protect their most valuable belongings in a commercial safe. Safe’s are the last line of defense and ensure that if a burglar gains access to your business, they won’t be able to take anything valuable.

Commercial safes are an important addition to any business which holds large amounts of money or other valuables overnight. They are available in a range of different sizes and brands to suit your business’ requirements.

Whether it’s a state of the art alarm system or simply an improvement of your locks, security systems are an important priority to keep your business safe.

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