Agents: How to Take Advantage of Instagram’s New Questions Sticker

Posted on Jul 27 2018 - 2:58pm by Jameson Doris
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questions sticker

Image: Instagram Press

RISMedia_socialskillsThis month, Instagram introduced a new way for agents to engage with their clients. A new questions “sticker” on the app’s Stories feature allows users to ask others anything they want.

Stories, which is very similar to Snapchat, allows users to create ephemeral photos or videos. In the past, users have been able to place emojis and stickers over those photos and videos. Stickers can be static designs, such as a bubble letter word like “BASIC,” as well as interactive features like a customized poll.

Users can now add a sticker that simply reads, “Ask me a question." You can customize this text by adding a space where other users can ask any questions. All responses will be funneled to the screen with your Story views. You can respond with a direct message (DM) or in the form of another Story with the person’s question visible as a sticker.

According to Instagram, the questions sticker is “a way to start conversations during moments when you don’t necessarily have a photo or video to share.”

For agents, this usually isn’t a problem with all the listings they’re trying to get eyeballs on. Instead, this new question sticker is an excellent way to mix up the content they are likely already posting regularly.

The fun part of this new feature is that clients and colleagues can ask you literally anything they want. By posting their questions and answering them in your Stories—as opposed to sending them a DM—you can create some great engagement. Other people, and potential clients, will see your responses and may be inclined to reach out to you, as well.

The questions sticker is available on Android and iOS. Agents, have you already used this feature? How important is Instagram to your overall social media strategy?