Social Skills: How to Post Content That Sparks Thought

Posted on Apr 26 2018 - 10:07am by Jameson Doris
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rawdinFor the past dozen years, Richard Rawdin has consistently been a top producer in the Hamptons, N.Y. real estate market, working as a luxury home specialist with Saunders & Associates for the last six.

He credits social media as a major contributing factor to his success. Just last year, Saunders & Associates did $1.5 billion in sales with Rawdin, closing on a $4 million dollar estate that was also the most viewed post on Instagram for a listing.

Here, he discusses the importance of social posting services like RISMedia's RISMedia_socialskillsACE and sharing content that hits people in their brain and their wallet.

Tell us about your social media strategy.

I use my ACE posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I use Instagram for local stuff about Hamptons real estate, and I use Pinterest. But my biggest and best is LinkedIn; I have over 45,000 first-level connections and get 50 percent of my business and 70 percent of my opportunities through it.

How have ACE posts worked for you?

The ACE posts have gotten a lot of views recently. I've been sick lately and not as active as I usually am on social media, and the only posts that have been going up in views are the ACE posts. In fact, one that went up today already has 338 views and six likes. Another from a couple of days ago has 979 views with 13 likes and two comments—articles I like, I brand everywhere.

Why do you think people respond so positively to these posts?

The subject matter. Take the one with 979 views—it offered expert insights into lease options. That was a great article. Another one that people really liked was, "7 Tools That Should Be in Everyone’s Toolbox" and another was about a simple way to stop overusing your credit card. Stuff that hits people in their brain and their pocket is what they want. It has to spark thought.

"[Social media] gets you in front of people that you need to be in front of."

What other content do you use on your social media pages?

I collect stuff off of the web. I have a couple of places where I find these picture quotes and some of them are by totally unknown people, but they are very popular.

How do you incorporate those picture quotes into your online strategy.

I was fortunate enough to be a Zig Ziglar disciple from way back in the '70s, and I try to post a Zig Ziglar picture quote every day. The last one I posted was, "A great attitude becomes a great mood, which becomes a great day, which becomes a great year, which becomes a great life." It received 2,411 views, 112 likes and four comments in just five days.

Why is social media such an important tool for today's REALTOR®?

It gets you in front of people that you need to be in front of. Someone could be thinking about a real estate purchase or investment and there’s Rich Rawdin, with a positive comment or informative article. It’s something of value in front of them every day and that’s why I use it.

Why would you recommend ACE to others to drum up business and leads?

These things mean something to those who read them. It strikes a chord in their personal being. If you are a company that looks for key factors that move the market, this is spot on. It’s my best marketing dollars spent by far.

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