The Rise of Video on Social Media and How Agents Can Utilize It to Boost Their Business

Posted on May 5 2021 - 5:13pm by Paige Brown, Managing Editor
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Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level? With the power of social media and the rising popularity of videos, your content strategy may need an update. Video content is quickly becoming the go-to for everyone, from your average user to social media influencers to businesses large and small. According to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report 2018-2023, videos will soon make up more than 80% of all online consumer traffic. With the addition of platform features like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, viewers have the opportunity to get an inside look into the day-to-day goings-on in people’s lives and businesses.

Personal connection with the viewer, or potential clients, is a key strategy for real estate agents to generate high-quality leads. Utilize as many platforms as you can, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn, to post informative and entertaining content relevant to your business, your listings and you.

In addition to consumer-focused content—such as the videos, infographics and articles available through platforms such as RISMedia’s ACESocial—are videos that are directly related to you and your business success. For example, you can create customer satisfaction videos featuring your previous clients giving testimonials about how you helped them understand and navigate the home-buying process and led them to buying their dream home.

For a more personal touch, create a video of yourself explaining who you are as an agent, what communities you serve and your services. This is a great option for your LinkedIn page, as well as Facebook, to showcase who you are and what differentiates you as an agent. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, seeing someone’s face and hearing their voice is meaningful, lends authenticity to your message and equates to greater trust—and for homebuyers, trusting their real estate agent is one of the most important factors.

Aside from posting curated videos, utilize the “live” video features on your social media accounts. What kind of live content can a real estate agent provide? Give your followers insight into for-sale properties by doing live walk-throughs and open houses, or, attend local events, such as a show, flea market or fair, and live-record yourself and others in the community enjoying them. This will show off the city, town or neighborhood you represent, boosting attraction and desire from future homebuyers to work with you to find their forever home.

While you’re recording, speak to the viewers as if they are there with you to prompt them to engage. Lyfe Marketing reported that, in fact, Facebook Live videos receive 10 times more comments than a regular video and video tweets have a six times higher chance of getting retweeted than a photo. This widely broadens your reach, connecting you with a larger audience and giving you the opportunity to share more valuable content. More comments means higher engagement, higher engagement means more viewers, and more viewers can result in leads and future homebuyers.

Having a strong presence on social media is vital for real estate agents across the country, and keeping up with the latest content trends and strategies is just as important. Video opens doors for shared experiences, stronger connections and the relatable and informative content that your target audience is looking for.

So, next time you plan to post a new listing, take some time to walk through and film the property. Or, if you plan to attend a community event, hit record. Your audience will be more likely to engage and before you know it, you’ll be selling your next home and building more business.