Social Media Marketing for REALTORS®: Unknown Strategies in 2021

Posted on Jun 25 2021 - 9:43am by Paige Brown, Managing Editor
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Developing a successful social media strategy in real estate is a never-ending task. As the industry grows and technology continues to advance, so does social media marketing for real estate agents.

As we make our way through 2021, real estate professionals everywhere are discovering new strategies and tactics to increase not only engagement online, but incoming leads that lead to increased sales.

In this blog, you can explore strategies to increase your incoming leads with real estate social media marketing content, including:

  • Two-Way Conversations & Communication
  • 50/50 Mix of Business & Personal Posts
  • Virtual Tours & Open Houses
  • Neighborhood & Community Highlights
  • Contents & Giveaways

Two-Way Conversations & Communication

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With more buyers starting their home search online, agents need to take advantage of communication with potential leads and clients in this space. In addition to posting real estate social media content and promotional posts for your business and listings, creating connections through conversation is key.

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These buyers, or your potential leads and clients, are utilizing social media to get educated about real estate. This means they will likely have a lot of questions. And especially for first-time homebuyers, the process can be intimidating.

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There are many ways for real estate professionals to not only spark a conversation, but build trust and a good reputation. Lucidpress suggests the following opportunities to update social media marketing for real estate agents by creating two-way conversations across multiple social platforms.

  • Search for real estate hashtags on Twitter and offer real estate advice to those in your area
  • Host a live Q&A session on Facebook Live
  • Ask an open-ended question in the caption of a listing photo on Instagram

Whenever you get the opportunity, be sure to invite your audience to participate in the conversation.

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50/50 Mix of Business & Personal Posts

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Of course, social media marketing for REALTORS® should showcase the business, brand, services and listings—everything that you offer. However, you don’t have to be strictly business all the time. In fact, you want to be seen as relatable, approachable and authentic, and social media gives you the potential to share both sides of you.

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Along with your strategic business posts, like promoting new listings and sharing real estate-related content, add in a few personal stories. The Close suggests the following posts to help boost engagement and showcase your relatability and authenticity.

  • Celebratory posts after a closing, highlighting your work and your clients
  • Aspirational posts about where you see your business going in the coming months
  • Facebook or Instagram stories showcasing other agent’s properties, and tag the other agents in the posts for potential cross-promotion
  • Testimonial quotes and/or videos from satisfied clients, showcasing your skills and experience in the industry

With a good balance of business and personal posts, you can increase engagement by telling your audience who you are, both inside and outside of the office. Just be sure to keep them simple and avoid crossing the line of being boastful and self-focused.

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Check it out: Let’s Get Personal: A Guide to Connecting With Your Audience on a Whole New Level

Virtual Tours & Open Houses

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Between the growth of online home searches and the advancements in technology, virtual home tours and open houses are rapidly becoming some of the most important pieces of today’s real estate social media marketing content.

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When buyers and potential clients head to the internet, they are expecting the full real estate experience. From 3D floor plans to aerial shots of the surrounding property, real estate agents are able to showcase their listings in a whole new way.

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