Valentine’s Day Survey: Where Americans Are Most Likely to Move to for Love

Posted on Feb 12 2021 - 4:04pm by Jameson Doris
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In celebration of Valentine's Day, we're taking a look at a recent LendingTree survey that analyzes which demographics move for love and the states that they end up moving to, as well as the circumstances in which they made their decision. The online lending marketplace surveyed some 1,550 U.S. consumers and found that 41% of respondents have moved for love.

The five most popular states that these individuals moved to, in order, are: Florida, California, New York, Texas and North Carolina.

Of course, this data is likely influenced by high populations in these states, so it's important to look at other significant findings from the survey. Of those that said they moved for love, the top three reasons given were: "I was in a long-distance relationship and moved to be closer to my significant other"; "I selected my college based on a high school romantic relationship"; and "I was dating and/or living with someone (unmarried) and they got a new job."

Each of the three responses quoted above were given by exactly 10% of Americans. Also, a demographic breakdown is important to note. Among the respondents that said they moved for love, men appear to be more likely to move for love compared to women—45% versus 36%, respectively. The percentages don't add up to 100% because some people chose not to state their sex.

Additionally, Baby Boomers were the least likely to move for love—just 19% of this demographic said that they had moved for love. This is compared to 56% of millennials, 52% of Gen Z and 37% of Gen X. Below is a graphic produced by LendingTree that illustrates the top states that people have to moved to for love.

Credit: LendingTree

To view the survey results and for a full breakdown of LendingTree's methodology, click here.