Winter Home Staging Tips That Promote Safety and Sales

Posted on Dec 16 2021 - 11:58am by Jameson Doris
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Winter is one of the least popular times of the year to sell a home, but buyers in the market during this time are typically more serious about purchasing a property. If your sellers are motivated to list their home during the winter months, guide them in making their property appear as attractive as possible so they can get the best price from a buyer.

From clearing a safe pathway to an entrance to making sure the home is a comfortable temperature, you should keep safety in mind when hosting an open house. Take some time this weekend to study up on these winter home staging tips:

Let the Light In
Wintertime can be dreary and gray, so make sure to let natural light in during a showing. Allowing light to flood into a property can have a major impact on a buyer’s first impressions. Also, turn any closet or basement lights on where it’s difficult for sunlight to reach and turn off television screens, as those will just distract from the natural warmth inside the home.

Turn Up the Heat
Literal warmth is vital, as well. If buyers walk into a home and it’s even slightly chilly, it only gives them reason to leave quickly. Having an extra toasty home will give buyers reason to linger before heading back out into the cold, so make sure to turn the thermostat up a couple degrees.

Clear Your Walkways
There’s no more important home staging task than ensuring potential homebuyers are safe. If it has recently snowed in your area, be sure your sellers shovel their walkways or, at the very least, clear a safe path to the entrance. Also, if there is ice on the ground make sure that salt is put down. As an agent, keep in mind that ensuring buyers’ safety during showings is a legal liability.

Aside from these tips, you should also follow your regular protocol when having a client’s home staged. If it’s before the holidays when your sellers are looking to list their home, don’t be afraid to embrace the holidays! At the end of the day, though, ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all potential buyers.