Webinar Recap: How To Stop Wasting Money on Online Leads

Posted on Nov 7 2022 - 4:30pm by Paige Brown

By Claudia Larsen

In the latest RISMedia webinar—“How To Stop Wasting Money on Online Leadspanelists Samantha Knoerr, COO and master coach for the Christy Buck Team; Melanie Ehrlich, diamond level sales partner for the Christy Buck Team; and Mary Caroline Owen, marketing associate, outbound demand generation for BoomTown, discuss the best ways to connect with your sphere, as well as the strategies, tools and insights for generating quality leads online without breaking your budget.

The webinar was sponsored by BoomTown and moderated by Paul Sessum, master coach and team leader for Workman Success Systems.

Key takeaways:

Panelists offered some tips for how real estate agents and professionals can effectively generate online leads, avoiding the most common ways to waste money, and how to follow through with said leads:

  • Implementing BoomTown’s technology and services (lead generation, front end website and CRM, as well as lead concierge, back office management and Brokermint) to help you manage and organize.
  • Using LPMAMA (location, price, motivation, agent, mortgage and appointment) to evaluate your online leads and to be able to address their specific needs. 
  • Using the ABC method to organize the importance of leads based on when they’ll be ready to buy/sell, and therefore determine how often to follow up with them.
  • Scheduling your work needs/tasks and personal needs into My Perfect Week to be able to keep in touch with your leads, achieve/make time for all your tasks (such as tours, open houses, closings, etc) and have a healthy work/life balance.
  • How to adapt to the ever-shifting market, and how to best assist clients through being informed yourself.

Here’s what our esteemed panelists had to say:

  • “The topic today was how not to waste money on anything, really, and the idea is to dig in to give ourselves a system to follow that’s simple, and give it time. It takes time to develop these things out. Be patient, and find out what’s working and what’s not working. Your whole idea may not change at one time… we start, we work on something, we build it, and we see the results of it so that we can change it and get better at it or keep it going. So the idea with not wasting money is to work what you have coming through the door.” -Paul Sessum, master coach and team leader for Workman Success Systems
  • “You’re constantly learning… I would say don’t get in your own way of your development, your success because you already know everything. We all could use help, and we all could learn something. And take that back to your clients… serving our clients is more important to us at the end of the day. Obviously we’re numbers driven and we’re financial driven, but at the end of the day none of that matters if we’re not serving our people appropriately and use that database [BoomTown] to help you do that.” -Samantha Knoerr, COO and master coach for the Christy Buck Team
  • “I always want to give my clients hope… I always want to continue making them feel like they’re number one. It doesn’t matter if they’re ready now or if they’re credit’s bad and it's going to take a while to get it repaired, I still want to let them know how important they are and I’m going to come up with a plan. There’s always got to be a plan, no matter what. ” -Melanie Ehrlich, diamond level sales partner for the Christy Buck Team

For more information on how you can effectively generate and follow through with quality online leads, check out the full webinar here

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