Phil Dunphy: ‘Modern Family’ Man, Modern REALTOR®

Posted on Oct 3 2014 - 9:45am by Nick Caruso

It's Fall and you know what that means - all your favorite TV shows are back in action! That is, if you even have time to watch them after long days full of listing presentations, showings, emailing, phone calling and more. Sneaking in some you-time to watch a show or two is a great way to relax and tackle that whole "work-life balance" thing everyone's been talking about. (It at least makes for some great background noise while folding laundry).

Hopefully one of the shows on your radar is ABC's "Modern Family" - if only for a little fun industry humor. Phil Dunphy (played by the impeccable Ty Burrell) is the self-proclaimed "cool dad" of three. He's always scrambling to connect with his kids while falling helplessly into the problems he was originally aiming to fix. And the kicker? He's a real estate agent!

Dunphy is very confident in his work - perhaps a little too much so - once stating, "I could sell a fur coat to an Eskimo." And the humor? He probably couldn't even find an eskimo (they live in California!). That said, he is one of the most well-intentioned characters on TV and his positivity in his personal and professional life is incredibly admirable and a hoot to watch.

Here are a few Dunphy-isms to make the REALTOR® inside you smile. Because it's Friday.

Modern Family




Phil Dunphy

The next time you're out in the field with a buyer or meeting with some brand new prospectives, just ask yourself one question:

What Would Phil Dunphy Do?

Or better yet....maybe don't.

Nick Caruso is RISMedia’s Senior Editor and caffeine junkie. He has promised himself that he's going to cut down on his TV year.