12 Stunning Ways to Repurpose Pallets and Crates in Your Home

Posted on Jul 22 2015 - 10:28am by Housecall
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Contributed by James White, homeyimprovements.com

crate end table (1)Pallets and crates have long been used for packing and shipping, but lately they’ve become the face of a new generation of DIY. They can be repurposed in a number of different, surprising ways that not only are useful, but also quite stylish. Explore these crate and pallet uses for your home.

Coffee Table

Use a wooden pallet to make a fashionable coffee table. All it takes is a single pallet, one that is safe and durable. Sand the wood, separate the boards from the block and get rid of those rusty nails. Glue your pieces back together and voilà: you have low-setting table with abundant personality.

Side Table

Pallets and crates can also be used to make narrower, shorter end tables. Side tables, like coffee tables, can take on a number of unique qualities and appearances, so feel free to get creative. Be sure to sand the wood to eliminate splinters. You can make your table super narrow and add a little pocket for magazines, or make it wider and more durable with cubbyholes for storage. Stain or paint if you desire.

cratesWires and DVD Player Storage

Wires can pose quite the eyesore. Rather than leave them exposed, hide them with a crate or pallet beneath your television. If you tuck your DVD player in too, it will leave your setup looking crisp and clean.

Low-seat Sofa

Go out and buy your favorite couch cushions – ones that are meant for sitting upon. Fasten pallets together side by side and two high, coordinating with the shapes of your cushions. Once you’ve made it so the cushions and pallets align, add pallets to serve as the backs for your sofa. Cover these pallets with fabric to tie it all together. Add more decorative pillows and enjoy.

China Cabinet

After sanding and finishing to your preference, simply stack crates with the open side facing out. This creates a lovely floor-to-ceiling display cabinet for your nicest – or most presentable – glassware.

Wine Rack

There are a number of different ways to store your wines with refurbished pallets and crates. Drill bottle-sized holes in the bottom of a crate, then hang it on the wall or stand it on a countertop. You can also create a little wine shelf to hold your wine glasses. Explore the many wine racks and how to make them.


Like wine racks, there are a countless shelving styles to choose from. The simplest option is a hanging storage box. Simply hang a crate on the wall, open side facing out. These can be used for many things, such as to display pictures or store shoes.


Break the pallet or crate apart. Align the boards, and cut them to create a circular shape. Fasten them together with wood glue and paint if desired. Buy clock hands at your local craft store and drill a hole to put it all together.

Picture Frame

Take apart your pallet or crate and use the wood to create an aged, custom-size frame for your photos or artwork. You can paint the wood to give it flare or leave it as-is for a rustic, natural vibe.


Pallets offer great versatility when it comes to creating a headboard. You can simply leave the pallet in its plain form; that alone will give your bedroom some zest. Separate the boards and create your own unique pallet headboard if you’d rather get creative.


It may seem simple, but take a single wooden board – or glue multiple together, depending on your width preference – and create a sign. Paint your message on the surface, and display it somewhere around the house. These work well on porches, patios and in gardens.


If treated correctly, the wood from your leftover pallets and crates can be used to build a garden planter. A crate alone could work, or you could customize the size or design of your planter after separating and refastening the boards.

As you can see, what was once solely a tool for packing and shipping has become an absolute miracle in the DIY world. Better get to work!