Our Contest Results Are In: And the Winner Is…

Posted on Jun 18 2015 - 10:21am by Nick Caruso
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A few weeks ago we asked our followers on social media about the strangest items they've ever seen in a listing. The responses were off the charts in terms of number and hilarity, so we'd like to thank everyone who participated! Below were some of our favorite submissions:

"Used to do foreclosures and in one house in a relatively nice, upscale neighborhood, I had the locksmith re-key the door and opened up the house and began to take inventory. It was surprisingly immaculate and they had obviously taken care of the house. Everything was in order. When I opened up the door to the garage, there was a $100,000 black Mercedes Benz in there! I called the asset manager right away in a panic. What the heck was I going to do with a car like this??!!! He started to laugh and said, "I forgot to tell you about that. Don't worry, he's probably already seen your car there in the driveway and he'll be over." About two minutes later, there is a knock on the front door and a very polite man explained that he was in the middle of a nasty divorce and he was hiding his prized possession in the house so his wife's attorneys couldn't get their hands on it and he promised to have it out within the week. Sure enough, when I went back, keys to the garage were on the counter and the car was gone." – Frank Locke

"In 35.5 years, I'd have to say that one of the most unusual things that I've seen in another REALTOR's listing was a puma." – Indy Summer, Coldwell Banker Heritage

"An outdoor porch swing hanging from chains in the formal living room." – Laurie Calendine Valentine

"Beside the 'usual' naked folks, a homeowner answering the door without pants, etc., the most unusual thing I have seen was an ad hoc fire pit in the living room of a listed but empty house. The Mensa candidates who squatted thought a fire to keep warm set on the floor would be less conspicuous than smoke coming out the chimney. They forgot about the flames coming out the windows." - Michael R. Kulka, Realty Executives

"The craziest thing found in a home was one that was having a home inspection. When the inspector opened the A/C grate he found a Bank Of America money bag. Police were called. After investigating, it was found to have only uncashed checks, and was from a bank robbery three years earlier." - Donna Tripp, Charles Rutenberg and Associates

"I went on a listing appointment to be greeted by an overwhelming odor and a large barking dog, I thought it was the dog who must smell until the seller opened his bedroom door he had a goat chained to the claw foot tub. I quickly exited." – Earla Clark, Keller Williams Realty

And the winner is...

Roger W. Patterson from Group One in Boise, Idaho! His submission read:

"Of my 32 years in the business, I have seen a lot. People in bed, pot plants and elaborate growing systems, rooms painted totally black (even the lights and light fixtures), snakes, lizards, and even chickens. But two weeks ago, I showed a home that was vacant and it had four cats living inside with no access doors. Multiple offer situation. My client made an offer on the home that was over full price but another buyer made a below full price offer and her offer was accepted because she was willing to continue to care for the cats that were living in the house. There was over a $20,000 difference in the offers!"

Thanks again to everyone who entered and be on the lookout for more #ReaderRewards later this summer!