How to Avoid Dust Buildup in Household Appliances

Posted on Sep 9 2019 - 4:18pm by Housecall
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By Brooke Chaplan

Have you ever turned on one of the household appliances that hasn't been used in a while and watched dust fly out of it? That's a clear sign it's time to bring out the dusters and blow some clean air through your home to eliminate dust buildup and tiny debris particles like pet dander.

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Keeping your household appliances clean is not that hard when you follow a few basic steps:

Clean Your Home Routinely

Running a dust mop and wiping the smooth surfaces on your furniture can help to get rid of accumulated dust in your home. Be sure to shake the dust mop before and after each use. If the dust head is washable, launder it every month or so. Vacuum your carpets and rugs every week to remove dirt, sand and tiny particles that have inadvertently been carried into your home. A thorough mopping of every non-carpeted floor will help to remove dust and debris from those areas as well. Avoiding dust buildup in the house in the first place will help keep it from accumulating in your harder-to-clean appliances, like air conditioners and laundry machines.

Keep Dust Away From Appliances

Family members who work in dust-related jobs like road repair, construction or lumber should be sure to change their clothes and shoes indoors or before using any appliances. Someone wearing dust-covered work clothes while using the microwave with a kitchen fan running or a breeze blowing through the window can spread dust into tiny crevices of home appliances. Removing dirty shoes at the door is also a good idea. When cleaning your chimney or drapes, think about covering nearby appliances or shielding the work area to prevent dust from settling.

Routinely Clean Your Appliances

As you notice dust building up in or near your appliances, remember to wipe them down periodically to remove even fine dust debris. This will help to prevent buildup on the surfaces of appliances that you don't use that often. You might be able to buy covers for toasters, blenders and other appliances to protect them from dust accumulation. Refrigerator coils can be vacuumed occasionally, but refer to your manufacturer's guidelines.

Have Your Air Conditioning Serviced

Air conditioning service should be performed regularly to ensure the equipment is working effectively without parts at risk of breaking anytime soon. As your AC controls the flow of air through your house, its filters must be changed regularly as well to avoid dust buildup that can then taint the air flow. Also, remember that an AC technician can provide maintenance to clean the unit and keep it working properly.

Taking care of your home and household appliances can control the buildup of dust that often contributes to health issues. Follow these steps to keep your appliances dust-free and your house comfortable and sanitary to live in!

BrookeBrooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger based in New Mexico. Her first passion is journalism, but she also loves hiking and gardening. Chaplan recommends looking into an AC service for any dust and airflow issues your home might have.