Buying a New Home? 4 Reasons Why Location is Essential

Posted on Sep 16 2016 - 9:57am by Housecall

By Kara Masterson

Buying A New HomeBuyers are so hyper-focused on the home that they often cast aside surroundings. "Surroundings" do not equal trees, fences or landscape. The home's surroundings are the houses around the home and the residents occupying them. Surroundings also include the neighborhood, the passersby and the city. Surroundings are the home's location and it bears equal importance. Here's why location is essential to any future real estate decision.


Is the perfect home near a busy driving area consisting of drug houses, screaming kids and problematic neighbors? If so, stop reading; plenty of communities exist for you. For the rest of us, this isn't an ideal neighborhood. Pay extra for a safer neighborhood. They're packed with stores, shops, restaurants, and banks nearby; a rarely noisy community is surely waiting for you. Along with research, visit the location at night for accurate answers.


The distance from point A to point B is so important. A long commute burns more gas and wastes more time than necessary. Therefore, learn the miles and minutes it takes to travel from the home to the following: work, school, store, hospitals and favorite hangouts. Buyers without cars must live in communities with public transportation access. A community containing local amenities close by is valuable to buyers. Besides, no one will travel great distances for any destination.

The Best Schools

Distance isn't the only factor in the best school search. The reputation, the quality and the district are additional factors in finding a good school. Homes surrounding good schools are in high demand. Determine good schools by searching online reviews of schools and reading two or three sites. Since good and bad reviews naturally exist, develop a consensus. Some real estate listings include online reviews of surrounding schools. Single or married, family or not, a good school system is important for your home's value.

Monetary Value

When buyers buy a home, they purchase the location too. A home priced in a good neighborhood makes it more valuable than one in a poor neighborhood. In addition to the home, they purchase a safe community, nearby local amenities, and the personalities in surrounding houses. Because neighborhoods rarely change, the home remains lucrative to future buyers at sale.

Forgoing location and surroundings means living in the perfect house and fearing the outside. If you can't enjoy the surroundings, no perfect home is worth the price tag. Location, location, location – real estate companies may stress this a lot. Just make sure to seek professional help and find the best possible neighborhood for you.

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