7 Tips for Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom

Posted on Feb 25 2016 - 1:18pm by Housecall

By Fay Wein

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Going to the spa is an expensive proposition—not to mention costly in terms of time. Bringing the relaxation of the spa to your own home, however, means that you can kick back and relax whenever you like. A simple bathroom redesign can be enough to completely change the way your bathroom feels, leaving relaxation just a few steps away when you need it most.

Less is More

When creating a restful, relaxing space, start by decluttering. Clear your bathroom of all those visual distractions that make it so hard to simply close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. This is particularly true when it comes to unused toiletry products. Give yourself permission to throw away products that you don’t like, don’t use or that turned out to be not “right” for you. Instead, invest in a few simple, quality products that you really love. Can’t bring yourself to part with your lotion collection? Tuck it out of sight where the clutter won’t distract you from your goal of relaxation.

Calming Colors

Your bathroom color scheme should be designed to inspire relaxation. Try a nature-inspired look that uses natural tones to create the effect you’re looking for. A calm, peaceful room can use rich browns, peaceful sky or ocean-colored blues, or a variety of greens to help you relax as soon as you walk inside.

Don’t Ignore the Flooring

A wood flooring is a great way to add to that rustic feel, but it’s not a great choice in your bathroom because the dampness can cause problems. Instead, try a faux wood tile that can be designed to match any bathroom color scheme. Choose a flooring that will feel great under your feet, helping relieve the tension of a long day’s work.

Decorative Tile: Just the Right Touch

Tile designs within our bathroom can add the perfect decorative touch. It should be subtle, to help inspire relaxation. Your tile, however, can also add unexpected elements to your bathroom décor or create a focal point to help add to the design. Click here for some tile inspiration.

Watch the Lighting

Many bathrooms have harsh lighting. When you’re putting on your makeup or styling your hair, you might need that extra touch of brightness. When you’re heading into your bathroom to relax, however, you don’t need a glare that pierces your eyes even when they’re closed. Install a dimmer switch or include softer lighting options so that when you’re relaxing in your bathroom, you can fully enjoy every aspect of the experience.

Invite Mother Nature Inside

Even if you have a black thumb instead of a green one, plants are pretty easy to keep alive in a bathroom. Try an aloe plant or bamboo for a pleasing, relaxing look that will help purify the air, allowing you to breathe deeper as soon as you set foot in your bathroom. Philodendrons are also a great option.

Don’t Forget Scents

Using aromatherapy in your bathroom is the perfect final touch for your spa experience. Choose a scent that appeals to you and will help you relax every time you smell it, and try to use that scent across several products. Essential oils in a diffuser are one great way to create a scent you’ll love, but you can also use it across your lotions and soaps to help create the ultimate spa experience while leaving your skin soft and moisturized. You might try wild vanilla or mix in a fruity cherry blossom; you can also try sweet florals like jasmine and rose. For a more traditionally relaxing scent, you can’t go wrong with lavender, while eucalyptus will help clear your nose and increase your energy.

Getting the relaxing experience you deserve doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, you might never need to leave the comforts of home! Enjoy your spa bathroom whenever you like, taking advantage of the serenity of your new design to de-stress after a hard day or increase your energy when you need it most. The changes don’t have to be difficult or costly. Sometimes, a little time and effort is all that’s needed to transform your bathroom permanently.

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