Paris Hilton’s Dogs Live In A Mansion Nicer Than Your Home

Posted on Aug 31 2017 - 1:17pm by Nick Caruso
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Of course Paris Hilton's dogs live in a two-story mansion. Of. Course. They. Do.

Hilton's puppy palace is lined with a pink interior, and has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture and a chandelier, according to a tweet from the heiress. Sure, many Americans can barely afford to pay their energy bills so they can live comfortably in the summer months, but hey—at least Hilton's dogs are living the good life, right?

The exterior is painted an off-white shade, with terracotta roof tiles and a balcony—an escape for the pooch who doesn't want to fully commit to the outdoors, but desires a whiff of fresh air. Inside, couches and day beds can be found for the exhausted puppy needing to take a load off, but there are also bean bags and plush dog beds, so said sleepy puppy can have options when it comes to lying down. (I am a human who only has one bed. That's cool though.) Other ridiculousness includes black crown molding and a matching black chandelier for some additional swank. Because we all know how passionately dogs feel about crown molding.

The doghouse (dogmansion?) is located in Hilton’s backyard and even has a human-sized door.


All photos: Paris Hilton / Twitter



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