How to Manage Multiple Properties While Still Enjoying the Summer

Posted on Aug 3 2018 - 12:01pm by Housecall
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By Gary Bordeaux

Attempting to juggle management concerns for multiple properties can be quite the undertaking. Overlooking the impact that seasonal changes may have on workload and client relations, and even the working conditions that property managers can expect to see throughout the season, could be a major misstep. A few simple tips on how to optimize efficiency, stay organized or improve communication with clients can go a long way. Here are several ways to ensure the needs of all clients are met while still enjoying everything that the warmer months have to offer:

Superior Organization

Poor organization is not just a seasonal concern, although property management professionals and service providers, who are already struggling to stay focused and on-task, often find that summer brings with it a number of unique challenges.

Warmer weather often means increased landscaping duties, and HVAC system inspection and other routine maintenance and upkeep chores, many of which may not have been addressed all year. Superior organization makes it much easier to deal with this increased workload and can help to minimize or outright eliminate the backlog, delays and other problems that might otherwise be a source of the summertime blues.

Scheduling Concerns

Professionals who expect everything to be business as usual throughout the season could be in for an unpleasant surprise. The potential disruptions caused when clients relocate to a summer home, the impact that major summer holidays and events may have on a neighborhood, as well as the increased need for maintenance that may have been far less pressing throughout the year, can become a real issue.

Managers who spend the extra time and effort needed to plan their schedule out better will likely enjoy a range of benefits. Clients who may be vacationing out of town can provide the perfect opportunity to tackle bigger jobs and more ambitious projects. Knowing where and when to schedule each service call can allow property managers to plan ahead and easily drop by and enjoy any events or seasonal attractions that are nearby.

Weather and Workload

When stuck outdoors doing any project that involves hard labor and heavy lifting, the summer heat can become a real issue. Making every effort to ensure that major maintenance and upkeep efforts can be completed in either the spring or fall, or taking advantage of the warmer summer weather in order to tackle outdoor projects that might be made more difficult in colder conditions, is a smart move. From being aware of summer storms to extreme heat that might pose a safety risk, balancing the weather and workload can go a long way toward ensuring a more enjoyable and issue-free summer.

Improving Client Relations

Poor client-property owner relations can find even the most accomplished property management service providers struggling to maintain their client base. The needs and concerns of any property owners can fluctuate throughout the year, and managers who take the time to get to know their clients a little better may be able to avoid any number of seasonal problems. Knowing in advance about any vacation plans, special projects or lawn care needs can allow a property manager to go the extra mile in order to ensure client satisfaction.

The summer often brings a number of additional obstacles, as well as a variety of uniquely seasonal opportunities. Management professionals would do well to properly prepare themselves for the season in order to ensure that problems are less likely to develop. Investing in organizational software, spending effort to improve client relations or updating a work schedule in order to better manage workload can be tremendously beneficial. Property owners, how do you organize your time during the summer months?

Gary BordeauxGary Bordeaux has been driven to succeed from a young age. This drive has led him to the real estate industry. He currently works as a commercial real estate manager, working with many large companies. In his free time, he enjoys writing about his experiences and what he's learned while working in real estate.