Social Skills: A Real Estate Investor on the Importance of Scheduling Services

Posted on Jun 21 2018 - 12:41pm by Jameson Doris

Screenshot (32)Attorney Alexis Hart McDowell has been active in the real estate industry as an investor for over 13 years. With clients in New York, California and her home state of Illinois, she's provided guidance to many looking to dip their toe in real estate.

As the owner of Enterprise Esquire, McDowell works on multi-million dollar commercial projects, handles residential deals for professional athletes and prevents seniors from losing their homes to foreclosure.

RISMedia_socialskillsHere, she chats with us about the kind of content that works for her company on social media and the importance of relying on social scheduling services like RISMedia's ACE.

Why is social media important to your business?

It's the most cost-effective way to showcase my business to people who are interested in my services. I use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn regularly to engage with other professionals and gain clients.

How would you characterize your social media strategy?

My strategy is a mix of providing information about my business and offering valuable information to those who are interested.

"The more quality content I put out, the more people see my expertise."

How are you using social media to build relationships, generate leads and position yourself as an expert?

I use my website and Instagram a lot to connect and build relationships. The more quality content I put out, the more people see my expertise.

How often do you post, and what type of content gets the most engagement?

I post every day with ACE and three times a day on Instagram with a social media manager. Humorous posts and tips that help people with real estate and small business matters work best.

How does ACE play a role in your social media strategy?

I love that ACE provides relevant content, that it's auto-posted and that I get a branded page—which is crucial when trying to convert visitors to customers. It brings visitors to all of my social media platforms more often because they know there's fresh content every day. This keeps my social media presence active and top of mind. It also lets them know that I’m around every day.


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