Social Skills: How RISMedia’s ACE Has Made a Mortgage Lender’s Life Easier

Posted on Sep 6 2018 - 9:00am by Jameson Doris

brian damicoBrian D’Amico, president and CEO of the full-service mortgage lending company NewFed Mortgage, has grown his company and is now licensed across seven states. Starting out in the real estate industry in 1993 in sales, his company did approximately $250 million last year.

Handling volume like that, D'Amico admits that social media has become one of his indispensable tools. And in experimenting with different ways to up his social media game RISMedia_socialskillsfound RISMedia's ACE.

Here, he tells us how the automated social media posting service has simplified engaging with his customers and how he's also been successful using it as a recruiting tool.

How does social media help your company interact with prospects and clients who have engaged with your content?
Bringing in leads is the name of the game and many people call directly but they always mention they saw us on some social channel, so I’m on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ACE takes the actual work away from posting manually.

What sort of content do you post? What works best?
Mortgage isn’t that sexy so anything that talks about real estate is fine, and even things that aren’t about real estate will work, as long as it gets people reading and associating the post with your name.

What’s the most popular social media platform for your loan officers?
Many of our loan officers use Instagram. One of them has more than 10,000 followers, though he posts more about other things of interest, but he’s trying to market his mortgage stuff more now as well. Having those followers helps keep him front-of-mind when people do need a mortgage.

"ACE is a great service for mortgage companies because it offers good content and the price is very reasonable."

How are you using social media to build relationships, generate leads and position yourself as an expert?
We post press releases and news items, as well as posting through ACE and have seen some good reach and results. We try everything when it comes to digital marketing and we believe by using ACE, we check off a big box that we are staying in front of our referral sources, customers and prospects.

How have you incorporated an ACE strategy into your business?
Being top of mind is important for loan officers and ACE supplies a good service at a good price. It’s also a good recruiting tool. ACE is a great service for mortgage companies because it offers good content and the price is very reasonable.

Why is ACE valuable to your clients?
It’s all about content. People like what they see and are interested in reading the posts. That keeps us in front of our social platforms. We post daily and continue to see results with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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