4 Aspects of Your Roof That’ll Affect Your Home Resale Value

Posted on Oct 16 2020 - 2:42pm by Housecall
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By Meghan Belnap

Although it's easy to forget about while you own your home, you can be sure that your roof won't be overlooked when it comes time to sell. After all, without a good roof in place, your home will be unprotected, which could lead to some nasty surprises for the future buyers. If you want to take steps to fix your roof before you selling, here are a few things that you should focus on:

Missing Shingles

If you have missing shingles, you can expect your home's resale value to decrease. Even if the shingles haven't been missing for long enough to cause any water damage, missing shingles still communicate to buyers that you don't take much pride in your home. To prevent this misconception, it's important to inspect your roof before you sell your home and make sure that any missing shingles are replaced.

Roof Material

Although people like their home to be unique, one home feature that this doesn't always extend to is the roof. Unique roofing materials such as metal, clay tiles or wood tend to not be used as often because of the popularity of asphalt shingles. Therefore, if you have one of these unique materials on your home, your potential pool of buyers could be limited. The good news, though, is that for a buyer who's looking for a unique roof, your home will be a must-have item.


A simple factor that impacts your home's resale value is the age of the roof. Since most shingle roofs have about a 20-year lifespan, if your roof is approaching that age, it could lower your home's value. Since replacing a roof can be a big expense, a buyer may try to ask you for some concessions to help cover the cost of a new roof, which could lower your profit from the sale. If you can get a good deal on roof replacement, it may make sense to go ahead and replace the entire roof before you list your home for sale.

Roof Lines

The roof lines of a home can add a lot of drama to its exterior appearance. If your home has modern roof lines, then you'll likely be able to fetch a higher selling price than if the roof lines appear dated. Of course, if you have a timeless roof line, such as a gable roof, then your home will likely sell well any time you place it on the market.

A great way to avoid surprises with your roof when you sell your home is to properly maintain it while you own your home. By having it inspected every few years, you'll be able to stay on top of any potential problems so that they don't become deterrents to future buyers. This will help make your selling process easier and help you to receive a higher selling price.

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