Right Now Is the Time to Up Your Social Media Game

Posted on Mar 19 2020 - 4:29pm by Jameson Doris

With all the unsettling news being broadcast daily and the barrage of warnings from public officials, one thing that's inarguable is the fact that social distancing works. It's now clear that to fight the current pandemic that is gripping not only this country, but the entire world, the masses are staying home.

And with the vast majority of your clients and prospective clients sitting in their homes, they likely have a lot of time on their hands, which will undoubtedly lead to a lot of time spent on their smartphones and computers. Now is the time to capture those individuals' attention by upping your social media game.

As we continue to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, there are two types of content that are critical to share with your audience right now: breaking news that will impact their lives and in-depth articles that explore the repercussions for the real estate industry at large. With much of your focus naturally directed toward the minute-by-minute updates of the rapidly evolving crisis, there won't be as much time to devote to sharing well-written articles that explore the topic, as well as other real estate-related concerns. This is where RISMedia's ACESocial comes in.

ACESocial automatically posts timely content that's branded to you across your social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This high-quality consumer content is posted to your accounts daily, spurring engagement on your channels while you're focused on breaking news.

But ACESocial is so much more. In fact, you can even showcase your listings via the platform. And, much of the content that is regularly posted won't pertain to the pandemic, which will go a long way toward helping your social media posts cut through the noise.

Check out all the details about RISMedia's ACESocial and how it can help you during these challenging times by clicking here.


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  1. Sam Patel March 26, 2020 at 1:57 am -

    Hello, Jameson
    Thank you for sharing a great post, this is a great time for entrepreneurs and business owner for branding and scaling on social media. Good job!