Taking the Stress Out of Social Media Marketing

Posted on Oct 30 2020 - 11:59am by Liz Dominguez

These days, social media platforms are more than digital spaces for connecting with friends and family. For real estate agents and brokers, it should be an essential part of their online marketing strategy. In RISMedia's recent webinar, "How to Maximize ACESocial to Generate Leads and Sales," moderator Sherri Johnson of Sherri Johnson Coaching, spoke with two real estate professionals who have mastered social media marketing using RISMedia's ACESocial platform.

What's ACESocial? It's RISMedia's proprietary social media-sharing tool, which provides branded content that helps agents and brokers resonate on social by automatically delivering expertise to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn—Instagram integration coming soon—with daily posts.

The main way to leverage social media marketing? Branding. Your social platforms should communicate to your buyers and sellers, and prospective clients, who you are as a person, and the value you provide as a real estate professional.

"It's all about consistency and branding," said Johnson, "and ACESocial is so easy to set up."

But while branding may seem simple, marketing yourself as an expert in the field can take more work than you think. That's why ACESocial credits you with writing and producing RISMedia's consumer-focused articles, infographics and videos. The platform also allows you to embed your listings either within this content or as a separate post.

According to Johnson, having that variety in content helps keeps social media users engaged at all times.

"People see infographics and respond to that. There are videos as well. It mixes it up," said Johnson.

Andrew Velez, a real estate consultant with RE/MAX Advisors, was trying to avoid the time drain that often comes with social media marketing, and that's why he turned to ACESocial.

"I was impressed by the simplicity and automated way of getting content out," said Velez. "I didn't want to spend time looking for articles or discipline myself to post on a frequent basis, getting away from what we are supposed to be doing: helping people sell and buy homes."

"It saves me time. It saves me money," added Velez.

Velez said that being active on social media is key to building credibility in the industry. And the expert content from RISMedia helps support that mission.

"Let this information complement your social media presence," he said. "It's incredibly reasonably priced, and you won't find this value anywhere else. It's very important to build credibility."

Of course, the real results are in the profits. Michael Murphy, a REALTOR® with Lake Homes Realty, tried RISMedia's ACESocial to see what it was about, and quickly realized the cost to use the platform would more than pay for itself through associated lead conversion.

"About a year ago, I had someone call me and ask me to help them buy a house," said Murphy. "They follow my Facebook, and I look back and see they were sharing my articles on social media. That's when I really saw the value."

The first step to any successful marketing strategy? Learning to let go of tasks that can be easily delegated so you can focus on the big picture: building and maintaining relationships.

"The hardest thing when you're doing anything is to let go. As my business grew, I needed to let go," said Murphy. "Anything you can automate and know it's taken care of, it's going to be beneficial."

View the webinar in full below:

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