100+ Real Estate Social Media Hashtags

Posted on Jul 30 2021 - 12:14pm by Paige Brown, Managing Editor
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Whether you are new to the social media marketing game or you are simply looking to increase engagement on your posts, hashtags are here to help. Not only do they help make your content discoverable on social media platforms, but hashtags, when used correctly, can boost your engagement, attract more leads to your profiles and maximize your marketing efforts.

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By adding popular real estate hashtags to your posts, you can be sure that your content will be seen by the right people—leads and prospects. Of course, you want to be sure to use the best real estate hashtags, as they can be the key to establishing your brand and growing your business, especially in your market.

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In this blog, you can explore the best REALTOR® hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook—all platforms that allow users to search for broad and specific real estate terms, locations, brands and even home improvement terms, paired with a pound sign (#), where your posts will be categorized and easily visible to the audience.

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Discover over 100 of the most popular real estate hashtags to test out in your social media marketing strategy today!

  • Real Estate Hashtags
  • Listings Hashtags
  • Branded Hashtags
  • Location-Specific Hashtags
  • Home Renovation & Design Hashtags
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Tips for Navigating the World of Hashtags

If you are new to social media, you may be asking yourself “What is a hashtag?”

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Hashtags, which start with the pound symbol (#), are extra words or phrases that you can add to your social media posts and captions. According to rentspree, real estate agents can use hashtags to give posts more context while allowing them to be seen by a wider audience.

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Adding a hashtag before a word or phrase makes your entire post searchable, even to social media users that don’t follow you. You can use multiple hashtags on one post, ultimately expanding your reach and putting your content into multiple categories.

Bonus Tip! Avoid spaces and punctuation in your hashtags to ensure they work properly and reach the audience you are looking to target.

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The best part about using popular real estate hashtags in your social posts is that you aren’t limited to just one. Be sure to not use too many, as you still want your message to be clear and concise. Just because you are allowed to use 30 hashtags, doesn’t mean you should. Here are the limits for how many hashtags you can use on each platform, and tips for how many you should use for best results in readability and discoverability.

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Instagram: Each post is limited to 30 hashtags. Limit yourself to between 5-10 per post.

Facebook: No limit for number of hashtags on a single post. Limit yourself to 5 per post.

Twitter: No limit for hashtags, but each post is limited to a 280 character count, which includes hashtags. Limit yourself to only 1-3 per post.

Pinterest: Each post and message is limited to 20 hashtags, with a 500 character limit for messages, hashtags included. Limit yourself to a maximum of 10.


Before you dive into the world of hashtags, keep the following strategies in mind:

  1. Search Before Sharing
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Once you have planned out your post, it’s time to choose which hashtags to post along with it. Do a quick search of the ones you plan to use before posting to ensure they are relevant. This can help you understand how many others used the same hashtag, as well as other related hashtags.

  1. Keep Track of Your Frequently Used Hashtags 
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Create a spreadsheet to keep tabs on which hashtags you use and which hashtags are the most effective for engagement.

  1. See What Other Agents Are Up To 
Looking through blinds.

Don’t be afraid to check in on the competition. If other local agents are gaining followers and/or have a lot of activity on their posts, take a look at the hashtags they use. Even check out more popular agent accounts, even if they aren’t in your market, and follow their strategy to gain more followers.

  1. Swap Out Your Hashtags 
Mix it up!

With so many hashtags to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Instead of using the same 10 hashtags on all of your posts, switch them up so you can reach new audiences, increase the chance of gaining new followers and boost your engagement. This will also allow you to test out all different hashtags, which can help you determine what ones are the best for your content.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to those hashtags! Below you can explore over 100 of the best real estate hashtags to help boost your social media engagement and gain more leads and prospects!

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Real Estate Hashtags

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Whether you are posting about your newest listing, industry or market news, a milestone you and your brokerage have reached or consumer-focused content, you should include one or more of the real estate hashtags listed below. This list includes some of the most searched and utilized general real estate topics across social media platforms.

  • #realestate
  • #realty
  • #realtor
  • #realestateagent
  • #home
  • #broker
  • #homebuyer
  • #homebuying
  • #housing
  • #foreclosure
  • #mortgage
  • #homeloan
  • #justsold
  • #firsttimehomebuyer
  • #realestatebroker
  • #realestateexperts
  • #realtorlife
  • #homesweethome
  • #closing
  • #moving
  • #investing
  • #investment
  • #luxuryrealestate
  • #propertymanagement
  • #vacationhome
  • #secondhome
  • #emptynest
  • #virtualopenhouse
  • #virtualtour
  • #rent

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