5 Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal With Landscaping

Posted on Oct 26 2022 - 10:00am by Paige Brown

By Anica Oaks 

If you're interested in making your home have more curb appeal, there are a few things you can do. Along with making some improvements to the exterior of your home, landscaping your yard can be a good way to boost curb appeal, too. If you're new to landscaping and want to make sure that you do it right, the advice below should help you out.

Carefully Plan Your Landscaping Design
Because you might be excited to create a beautiful outdoor space and give your home more curb appeal as soon as possible, you could be thinking about getting started with landscaping right away. However, it's important to carefully plan your landscaping design first. You'll want to decide what you want to plant, where you want to put things and more. Doing a little bit of careful planning will prevent you from getting overwhelmed with the project, it will help you get better results, and it will help you stick to a budget, too.

Buy From a Local Nursery
There are lots of places you can purchase plants and flowers from, but you may want to start by checking out a local nursery like Lee's Nursery and Landscaping. Local nurseries often sell plants and flowers that thrive in the local climate. Additionally, they often have fresh, beautiful and healthy plants. This can help you ensure your landscaping looks as nice as possible, and it helps increase your chances of success with your plants.

Get Professional Help
Although you might be willing to do some of the work on your landscaping yourself, you might want to think about hiring a professional who can help you. They can help you with picking the best plants, landscaping your yard so that it looks nice and more. This can help you do a better job of landscaping, and you won't have to worry about doing all of the hard work yourself, either.

Take Good Care of Your Plants
Of course, your landscaping isn't going to look very good if you don't take good care of your plants. Learn about things like how to water and prune your specific plants so that you help them grow and thrive.

Make Use of Hardscaping
Lastly, in addition to making use of live plants to improve curb appeal, consider implementing hardscaping into your plan, too. Adding water features, retaining walls and other attractive hardscaping can add a little something "extra."

As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can boost curb appeal for your home with landscaping. As long as you follow the five tidbits of advice that are listed above, you will hopefully be able to give your home even more curb appeal than you originally thought.

Anica Oaks is a freelance writer who hails from San Francisco, California. When she's not writing, she's enjoying her time outside with her dogs. Keep up with her on Twitter @anicaoaks.


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