Heating Mistakes You May Be Making in Your Home

Posted on Dec 2 2022 - 11:00am by Paige Brown

By Kyla Stewart 

When winter arrives, people all over the country reach for their thermostats to turn on the heat. Your furnace will keep your home warm and comfortable all year long, and makes surviving those cold winter days a little bit easier.

However, there is a chance you are making some mistakes when it comes to heating your home this winter. These mistakes may not only be costing you money, but could be decreasing the lifespan of your heating system as a whole.

With that in mind, this article is going to go over some common heating mistakes you need to watch out for in your home.

Not Maintaining Your Furnace
One common mistake many homeowners make is not maintaining their furnace properly. If you simply ignore your furnace and expect it to continue to work year after year, you will often be in for a rude awakening eventually.

Instead, consider bringing out an individual or company who specializes in furnace repair to come out to inspect and maintain the system. They will test and go through everything to make sure it is working as expected, and there are no issues developing. This comes with a cost, but is worth it for the peace of mind. Also, repairing a neglected furnace will cost a considerable amount more than getting it checked out every now and then.

In addition to having a professional come out and perform an annual check, there are some things you can do to keep it in good shape. This includes cleaning or changing out the filter, and making sure that the area around your furnace is kept clean and clear.

Blocking Your Vents
This is a common mistake that many people don’t even know that they’re making. If you block the vents and registers in your home, you aren’t allowing the heat to flow into the room, thus preventing it from warming up.

You could do this by having furniture over vents, blocking vents with piles or clothing, or having boxes or other debris inhibiting these registers. Blocking your vents is bad for a couple of different reasons.

First of all, it will stop your home from heating up and certain rooms will be colder than others if vents are blocked. This will also force the furnace to work harder and longer, which can send your bills skyrocketing and hurt the longevity of your furnace. As a result, make sure that all vents and registers in your home are clear from any debris, and able to fully disperse heat throughout your home.

Not Air Sealing Your Home
If your aim is to keep your home warm all winter, there is no doubting the importance of air sealing your home. If you have air gaps, leaks and drafts, it will let a lot of the cool outdoor air into your home. This will increase your heating bills and lead to the home being colder in some parts than others. Not only that, but some of the hot air that your furnace creates will escape through these same gaps.

Before winter hits, go through your home and see if you can identify any drafty areas or air leaks. These are generally around doors or windows, but can be anywhere. Once you have located these gaps, simply fill them to ensure there is a barrier between the interior and exterior air.

We hope that this article has been able to help you identify some of the heating mistakes you may be making in your home.

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