You’ll Never Guess What the World’s Most Expensive Gingerbread House Costs

Posted on Dec 5 2014 - 4:29am by Nick Caruso

Georgia Green is one pastry chef who has an eye for the finer things in life. Teaming up with VeryFirstTo, a site that launches luxury products and overuses the word "prestigious," Green has adorned her masterpiece with South Sea pearls and a five carat Mozambique ruby, all set within icing.

The price: $77,910. (Yep. You read that right!)

In addition to all those fancy jewels, the house uses Meridian blackstrap molasses, Ceylon cinnamon, Echire butter, Suma raw cane sugar, Duchy eggs, and some other stuff too, but does that even matter!? This gingerbread house is $78,000!

Can we also talk about how this price excludes delivery?

And fret not, everyone. If the 150 AAAA grade pearls aren't enough to tickle your fancy, more can be added for an additional cost.

In order to have the house delivered in time for Christmas Day, orders must be placed by December 10th. If not, your kids will have to suffer the dreadful fate of receiving iPads and Playstations from Santa Claus. Won't somebody think of the children!?


Nick Caruso
is RISMedia's Senior Editor. He can't even. He just can't.


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  1. Kari Gutierrez December 18, 2014 at 10:31 pm -

    Oh the Decadence! Do we get to eat it now?