This California Home Changes Color with the Position of the Sun

Posted on Jul 1 2015 - 10:49am by Suzanne De Vita











Picking the perfect paint color can be frustrating. Who really has the time to pore over paint chips? Or experiment with a slew of samples? Not these two California homeowners, who refreshed the outside of their home with a coat of prismatic paint that changes colors.

As Dwell recently reported, empty-nesters Ilhan and Kamer Eser chose to outfit their net-zero home with Dusty Rose, one of several finishes in the Valspar Kameleon Colors line (a missed opportunity for the Kardashians, no doubt). The hue is formulated with mica flakes that project an iridescent, gradient exterior of rainbow brilliance. When the sun’s waking, the home appears praying mantis-green; when it sets, the color transforms into a desert sand.

We’re not sure how the Esers manage to direct dinner guests to their home. “We’re the green house on the left. No, wait, it’s the yellow house… no, wait…”

No word yet on whether the color (or colors?) of this mood ring-inspired home will affect buyers, but kudos to the Esers for refusing to settle. We approve!

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