3 Simple Home Renovations that Your Spouse Will Love

Posted on Mar 8 2016 - 4:09pm by Mikkie Mills

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More often than not, home renovations center around efficiency and what the family needs. We upgrade the bathroom and redo the cabinets in the kitchen because they often are the most used spaces in the home and often need some retouching. But maybe it's time for a home renovation that focuses not on what the family needs or what you want, but rather on what your spouse will love. Whether it’s an all out surprise for when they get back into town or a special gift you’ve been looking to give, here are three simple home renovations that your spouse is sure to enjoy.

Themed Room

We don’t necessarily mean that you need to have a room full of sports paraphernalia, or red and navy everything. With a themed room you can create a fun place to chill, relax and hang out that showcases your favorite hobby, sports team or even movie. Include framed posters, throw blankets or pillows, or other knick-knacks that can pull the entire room together.

Even if it's just a theater room, get posters of your favorite flicks and put them through the room to give it that blockbuster feel. If your spouse is a big music fan, decorate with vinyls, instruments, and be sure to get that record player you’ve always wanted. Or if you love the seaside, try creating a room centered around nautical inspired pieces: sail boats for decoration, shells you’ve collected from beaches around the world, rope-based lamps and handles, and of course, stripes.

Wall Decals

Possibly the simplest home renovation are custom wall decals. You can pick from your favorite sports player, to an inspiring quote or design. This home renovation is one of the easiest to install (and even remove!) and can really fit into already existing themes or designs. Custom wall decals or vinyl can go anywhere from the wall to even the side of a bookshelf, door or appliance. Their variety and mess-free removal make them a great renovation for any home or rental space to give a little extra pop and personal touch.

Be sure to focus on something your spouse will enjoy and place it somewhere they can see often to get that extra joy from it.

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Personal Getaway

Whether it is for your husband or your wife, consider renovating a spare room, attic or basement into a special getaway for your spouse. If your wife has always wanted a special crafting room or her own home office, roll up your sleeves and create the perfect personal space for her. Be sure to design the room not as you would want it but as she would. Pick her favorite colors and artwork and even leave a little room for her to add her own personal touch — if you’re worried about picking the right wall color, leave that alone for her to decide on her own (instead of picking something she’ll later get sick of). The great thing with Pinterest and magazines is that you can find her design preferences or furniture pieces that she loves and put them in that personal getaway.

If your husband always raves about that longed-for man cave or theater room, it might be time to surprise him with it. Be sure to hit the best points with things he loves: a comfy chair, a bookshelf for reading, or a mini fridge for his favorite snacks and drinks. Make sure to spruce up the room toward his likes and interests and not just what is popular. You might be surprised to find that he’s always longed for a quiet reading space or home office over the traditional man cave.

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