Garden Design: Intertwining the Inside and Outside of your Home

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Ideal Intertwining Inside and Outside your Home

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By Victoria Lim

Interior design is something lots of people enjoy. With a specific taste and defined interior, your place can really maximize its true potential. Finding the right solutions to carry that feeling from inside to outside by adapting your garden space can really help emphasize your entire living space.

While only you can decide what you would like to see in your garden, here are some widely used garden styles that are applicable to various interior designs.

Minimalistic style

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Minimalistic style

Some people think minimalistic styles are plain, boring and uninteresting, but the true secret and idea behind minimalist gardening is to professionally use the space. With a somewhat restricted palette of materials, plants, and lack of aggressive color, this style can be widely applied to different gardens and houses.

What to keep in mind – There are a few major things to have in mind when thinking of starting your own minimalistic garden: space, lines, limitations, boundaries, and nature. Setting a simple limestone wall as a boundary is both aesthetically pleasing and can be great summer night fun if you use it as a screen for projection. Plants and gravel work great with wood and stone, and keeping them all aligned with other elements helps make a balanced and visually appealing feel of the space.

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Maintenance – Minimalistic gardens are heavily based on wood, stone and plants. You have to address those areas accordingly. Classify your plants; separate those that need lots of water from those that don’t. Slow growing plants also help quite a lot when it comes to garden maintenance. Find what finish is used on your stone and wooden surfaces, and get the right agent for those surfaces to make sure they look fresh and as they should.

Naturalistic style

Naturalistic style

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This type of garden's decorative style is quite widespread. It is based on the nature surrounding the location, or on the nature life found in the area. Its foundation lies in a natural color palette and its inspiration is found in the nature all around us, in meadows, forests, even deserts.

What to keep in mind – Generally, naturalistic gardens aim to keep the human impact to a minimum. All man-made structures should be done in a natural way, covered with recycled wood, stone, gravel or even completely concealed by plants. This garden style uses the general surroundings to better blend in, with areas that should be left wild, if possible, without property borders. The main theme behind a naturalistic garden is to break the boundaries people feel between them and the great outdoors.

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Maintenance – If you have no property borders, you will have to deal with various critters and similar problems. Also, with a garden based so much around nature, you have to carefully separate the plants, give them the right nutrients, enough water with long retractable hose reels, and regularly trim and maintain them in order to avoid garden infestation, or even some plant disease that can be quite harmful.

Boho-chic style

Boho-chic style

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This specific type of garden's decorative style is definitely the most colorful and whimsical. Everything goes when it comes to color in a Boho garden, but it has to be in the same saturation. Also, this garden style is recognizable for its collection of intricate antique-looking items, like chairs, stools and various gardening tools.

What to keep in mind – The best way to approach designing a Boho-styled garden is to start with muted basic complementary colors, and then build from there. Adding old furniture can really bring up the soul of your new outdoor oasis. In order to emphasize the bohemian spirit of this garden, aim to add interesting and appealing light solutions, like hanging lanterns or jars.

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Maintenance – If you include actual antique pieces in your garden, make sure to take care of them properly. Most of antique furniture isn’t meant for outside use, so it may be a good idea to get some of the pieces back inside when you are done using your garden. Also keep in mind that moisture can really mess up some of your rags and cloth, so think about keeping them dry.

Choosing the right style that completely intertwines with your interior design isn’t something you should be scared about. The mentioned types of garden decoration style are just some of the mostly used and well-planned ideas that can bring the best out of your garden.

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